IFPA Pin-masters, where are people staying?

I’m booked for Pin-masters but don’t have lodging set up. Anyone have a good hotel and a good affordable strategy to get from the airport to the hotel? I was thinking of staying in downtown vegas since I won’t have a car and that will give me a chance to walk to stuff after the tourney. Any suggestions? anyone looking for a room-share?

You will need a car or a taxi to get to and from the tournament location, which is several miles northwest of downtown.

I’m not going, but the trick to Vegas is always utilizing rewards programs. Sign up for Caesar’s Total Rewards ahead of time, and theres a fair chance you can stay at any of their properties for just the resort fee (usually $30/night tops).

The value play is probably staying at Texas Station:


It’s 1.5 miles away from Flipperspiel.

For anyone looking for a value strip deal, the Amusement Expo has a block at the Westgate:


Yeah I was gonna uber or take a taxi.

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If you choose to stay downtown, I think Downtown Grand may be the best bang for the buck. Main Street Station if you’re being frugal. Those are the two I’d recommend without hesitation not knowing your expectations.

Uber/Lyft is your friend to get to/from the airport. Avoid the shuttle, it takes way too long.

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Man the Texas Station is even $93 a night. and that “Excludes required resort fee: $22.59 per night”

When did everything become such a rip off? WTF is a resort fee?



I’ve had good luck with the Downtown Grand, too, plus there’s a Dennys just out the door, although wait times can be long there. Haven’t booked this year’s room yet since might take the RV.

California Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas is great. Clean and affordable. Also cheap!

4 queens has no resort fee. Its not luxurious but it’s fine.

I’ve got a room at the Texas Station. I’d much rather be close to the venue at this point, avoid being late and / or being way too close to the big casinos that will take all the money I don’t lose to IFPA fees :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to split the room, PM me. I’m not a party-ier and won’t be up late.

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Never been to Vegas, which one is the closest airport?

The North Las Vegas airport doesn’t take commercial flights, although planes landing there fly really low right over Flipperspiel. The main airport southeast of the strip is where you fly into.

I posted this in the Pin-Master game list thread. I must have missed this one, which is better suited for the post on how I saved money…

For those of you attending Pin-Masters/Women’s Worlds/Nationals, I wanted to pass along the hotel agent I used last year and just made reservations through them for this year, too.
Through the agency (Sin City VIP), I was able to get a room for 4 nights at the Rio, total cost (excl. resort fee and taxes) of around $150. Not $150/night. $150 for all FOUR nights.

Name of agency: Sin City VIP
Phone: 702-576-7111
Email: vip@sincityvip.com
Person’s name I’ve dealt with: Justin Swinney

I thought it was a scam last year when they got me a similar ridiculously low price at Bally’s for 4 nights, but my reservation and accommodations went through smoothly. So I’m using them again this year.

FYI: here’s some quick 4-night totals of the other properties they quoted on the strip…
Bally’s: [$210]
Harrahs: [$215]
LinQ: [$280]
Flamingo: [$300]
Paris: [$330]
Planet Hollywood: [$400]
Caesars: [$440]

YMMV on what they quote you. There’s no referral incentive for me, etc. – I’m just sharing an opportunity to save money with a business that provided value to me.
Hopefully this saves some money for others attending. See you in Vegas!

Those are all Caesars properties, and participate in Total Rewards. Do yourself a massive favor and sign up for a TR card while you’re there. Put the card and $10 in a slot machine, and your future stays are free. This is what I see if I try booking 4 nights via TR:


Wow. Good to know for the future

Uber rate from airport to flipperspiel is approx $25+ each way… from the strip is approx $20+ each way. Rental cars can sometimes be found for $20-$40 per day depending on the time of year. YMMV (Literally, not just figuratively), but something worth looking into if you want to stay on the strip and plan to go back and forth every day plus the occasional trip to In-n-Out of course!!

Some strip hotels do charge for parking, but not all… so check into that first if you do plan to get a car. I’m going next weekend for a business trip and my rental car cost is going to be $47 for a 48hr trip.

At home because I suck and @snailman kicked my butt for (I think) the 4th year in a row for SCS nor did I get into the Pin Masters :frowning: Ya’ll have fun. I’ll go one day, I hope.

Staying on the strip. Great people watching, great food, and other goodies. We’ll uber to event. You’ll find me and Poverelli at the Caesars or Mirage poker table. and likely…the opposite of sober. Enjoy!

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