Ifpa pin masters (pin golf)

Hi, I registered a while back for the upcoming Ifpa pin masters in De pere (District 82) in early March as it was the week before the Texas show, however looking at the Ifpa website it looks like uptake has been really poor with only 12 registered players so far, is it expected that this event will still go ahead or is it likely to be cancelled? Keen to book flights soon. Thanks, Andy

A large portion of the field tends to be NACS champs going for the long weekend. All those State/Provincial finals are held this Saturday so you’re likely to see a lot of sudden interest in PinMasters registration next week.

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Ah ok thanks

I’m also fine with a 1 in 12 chance myself of winning a NIB Stern pinball machine, so there’s no chance of the event being cancelled :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity what is the second place prize?


With $200 per player going into the prize pool, that’s $44 per player for 2nd place. $528 for 12 players, $1584 for 36, etc., assuming none of the pool is used to buy the machine. If the pool goes towards the machine, we’d need to know how much to subtract for that. If the machine was 6k, you’d need 30 players just to cover that.

Stern sponsors the prize game, so everything else is gravy.