IFPA Nationals/Womens/Pin-Masters initial game list

Subject to change of course, but we just got the initial game list from Fun Billiards on the games they are preparing for these tournaments:

GTB Flip A Card
Bally Monte Carlo
WMS Big Deal
WMS Gorgar
Bally Lost World
GTB Cleopatra
WMS Whirlwind
Bally Elvira
WMS Road Kings
Capcom Pinball Magic
WMS Flintstones
Stern CSI


Will EBs be on for any games?

My last few Flintstones experiences had various things not registering well; will they be doing any “heavy usage” testing?

Which tweaks to CSI are expected, e.g. the playfield validation and the Centrifuge?

Will there be more games you can film with one camera? lol


double yikes… I already bought a plane ticket ~_~

Looks… volatile.

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Per usual, we’ll turn them off wherever we possibly can.

I plan on shipping it to the PHOF to get beat on for a month? If we have any troubles with it, we’ll throw it out.

We’re going to jumper the Centrifuge to trigger the drop targets, and the inlane switches to register the jet bumpers. GOOD LUCK!

A big reminder that in the history of the Pin-Masters, our initial TENTATIVE game list has been at most 30% accurate. It’s far more likely this list represents what won’t be used by the time we get out there to play test and prep for the tournament.

For those that are worried about any of the games, this is the first tournament where a player has the full authority to veto a game pick!!! All games listed are currently for sale at FUN! and since we are using their inventory for the tournament, that inventory can change at any time based on what gets sold. So don’t like a game . . . BUY IT . . . it’ll be off the tournament game list that way :wink:


This guy approves, which is really all that matters :slight_smile:


I hear they’re going to have surge pricing, and any game that gets picked automatically goes up in price by 40% between the time it gets picked and when the game starts. :fearful:

Speaking of complaints: I really like Cleopatra, but it’s kind of brutal to play it as a (very) color-blind person. Tons and tons of games have color-matching elements, and color information is a big part of pinball. Cleopatra, however, adds an extra challenge. The top lanes and drop target bank don’t have the colors in the same order. Having some semblance of design order is a secondary clue that I tend to rely on. On Cleopatra, I literally have to write down which lanes correspond to which drops and memorize it before I play it. And I generally need help confirming that my info is correct, because I can’t trust myself on anything color related.

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Steve . . . for only $2495 you can remove it from the tournament!! :slight_smile:

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More pics of the ACTUAL games that are on the tentative list . . . Big Deal



Lost World:


Pinball Magic:

Road Kings:

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I’ve associated that checkered floor and staircase with excellent prices for some time now. :wink:


@dril is coming to Nationals?



Maybe someone can double up and both buy Gorgar from them and sell them a High Hand?


Just FYI for those interested . . . Bally Lost World has been SOLD!!!

It has been replaced by Bally Playboy . . . THIS Playboy:

If you don’t like the game choice, $3995 will get it off the list.

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Well shite. Now I’m even more disappointed that I won’t be attending. On the way to my last beat down in Alabama SCS I threw caution to the wind and selected Bally Playboy. Proceeded to put the GC on it of 605K. It was much fun! Love that game.

you should be a sales man :smiley:

EATPM is out . . . Aerosmith Pro is in