IFPA Approval

After you submit do you get an email with a stamp of approval? We are waiting to start our selfie league tomorrow and looking for advice. Thanks!

Pretty sure you do get a confirmation, but I would expect it’ll be a couple days since everyone was just at Pinburgh.

Thanks! It’s been about a month no reply. I’ll reach out again.

i don’t believe there’s a separate email confirmation of approval. perhaps someone in the know can confirm that, but i don’t recall ever receiving anything. your submission (if it’s entered correctly) just gets added to the calendar. check https://www.ifpapinball.com/calendar/ and if it’s not there yet send an email for an update.

Here is the process . . .

TD submit event to the calendar. You’ll either hear from us that’s it’s been rejected for whatever reasons (lack of format description, improper website, etc).

If it is approved, you’ll get the following email:

Subject: Calendar Submission have been approved for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This is a courtesy email to let you know that your calendar submission
for the (League), which starts on and ends on has been approved!

Your tournament page can be found here.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

IFPA Staff

The “here” is a live link that will take you directly to the event page that was created.

If you’re not getting that confirmation either along with not getting an email from us that it’s been denied, then it means it wasn’t submitted. With Becker on top of things even after Pinburgh weekend he just caught up today on all submissions from over the weekend. If you haven’t heard ANYTHING for a week, then email us or try to resubmit and we’ll see what went wrong.


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I submitted just over a week ago and never got a response either. I wonder if things aren’t making it through sometimes? I’m 99% sure I did it on my iPad this time and I’ve always used an actual computer in the past. Anyone else had trouble with submissions on a phone or tablet device?

If I could make a suggestion as well, there’s not much visual feedback on the page when the form is submitted to indicate that the process has started or finished. I’ve learned to look for the little blurb at the bottom for the latter but the first couple of times I totally missed it and was wondering what happened. I would think having the form refresh the entire page with a “submission received” message that populates with the submitted data may eliminate some (or possibly just my) confusion.

Are the approval emails automated now? I think there may be an issue with them going through. I never got a confirmation about the last three or four events I submitted, but they did show up on the calendar.

@Shep if you’re sending email directly from the IFPA server there’s a good chance people won’t receive them (because your server isn’t trusted and recipients will reject the messages). http://www.mailgun.com/ or http://sendgrid.com/ or a similar service is pretty much a necessity for transactional email sending these days (you’ll probably do fine on mailgun’s free service plan)

Email’s are sent via Gmail’s SMTP.

We never sent emails on submissions, since you get a little notification on the page, but was working on one for approvals. In fact, it does send one out, but only goes to Josh and I at the moment. I wanted to put something in place to handle the multi-day submissions better – otherwise it creates a ton of repetitive emails.

Josh forgot this point and apparently never, even once, noticed who it’s sent too :wink:


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Thanks everyone and appreciate the clarity Josh. I’ll have the director resubmit.
On another note how does the IFPA stay alive? I can only imagine it’s a boat load of work. Where would one donate?

I think @pinwizj is starting a new “Let’s burn all the High Hand machines” movement soon, he would need funds for that :wink:

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Donate here! https://www.gofundme.com/popifpa :slight_smile:

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