IFPA 2018 changes?


I’ll drink to that! Thanks for the kind words.

To be fair Stern pays WAY MORE than $500 per year in sponsorship. We would love if other vendors in the industry stepped up to the level that they do, but greatly appreciate anything those vendors are willing to give at this point.


People questioning the value of the list should read the response to JJP using that list to announce Dialed In. Spoiler alert, It made many people angry and probably did not acquire any new customers.


I think you’ll find a bit of overlap between those surprised by their e-mail address being sold, and those expressing surprise at how cheaply the addresses can be purchased. I guess some folks value their PII more than others.


Getting back to the dollar. What happens to the dollar for people that sign up for the event, but then fail to complete the required 50% of games played? If it is a winners tax, and I can easily verify this with software and compute the amount to hold back, then it is fine. But a hypothetical otherwise free event that only charges a dollar, that money is ackward. Someone paid to be included in the results, and then did not qualify to be included in the results. Can a TD overpay the IFPA? It might look bad it they pocket that money, but refunding it might be impossible.


I see it as they paid 1$ to be part of IFPA submission and contribute to SCS prize pool. They chose to not play enough after paying the 1$ so it still goes to IFPA. If an event costs 5$ (Current rules, no ifpa money) and someone plays less than 50% do you not give that 5$ to the winners for prize money? They chose to pay for the event and contribute to a prize pool.

If it’s a big deal don’t put the 1$ to IFPA if you notice this and give it to the winner.


So most tournaments that would lend themselves to participants not playing 50% of the required games are larger expo’s, or leagues that last many weeks/months. This isn’t much of a worry for those ‘one night setup and go’ tournaments.

Ultimately the IFPA will be looking for the number of players tied to our “Player Count” field in our database, which is the total number of players in the results that were submitted. Any over payments will be dealt with between myself and the TD. Refunds won’t be a problem, but I find that most TD’s run more than one event, so we can always apply that overpayment to the next event. I already know of some TD’s that plan on just advancing me $100 at a time, working that balance off, and then reloading whenever it’s appropriate.


Yes, but for people who host weekly tournaments, your suggestion was to make it into a “league” and just submit the series after 4 or 8 weeks. That puts those one night setup and go tournaments back into the risk category of a person might not play in 50% of the weeks.

So, with this, is the IFPA going to review their stance on certain qualification rules?


Yeah we will be taking a look at the 50% rule for next year. I’d like to get a feeling on how these weeklies are gonna roll and we will use that feedback in our internal discussions.


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Is there a list of players by Rating on the IFPA page?


You can click the headings on the main rankings page to sort by rating or eff pct.


This is exciting! I love the idea of head to head stats!




higher seed by ranking or rating? and will it cost 2$ (on us/canada)?


$10 for any matches in Taiwan :wink:


taiwan isn’t the same as thailand - and sweden as switzerland


Damnit! Joke Fail! :slight_smile:


yup, but as you know me the first question is a serious one - by rating or ranking?


But not a list that numerically ranks players by rating?


Not currently but it should be ready by the time the IFPA Challenge Matches go live.