If you're not going to make it a humble brag...

… go ahead and add a weather forecast at the end. lol Congrats to Eric.


Ha, Very awesome! Congrats to Eric. But it’s temporary. After his June 30th 2018 points for Silverball Rumble at Pintastic drop off in a couple of weeks, Rayday will again move back into 1st place!

That alone is not enough to drop him to #2. While that event’s 26.76 points will drop off, it will be replaced in his Top 20 events by the 9/14/19 launch party event, currently worth 17.36 points. His total will only drop by 9.40, down to 719.67, keeping him ahead of Ray. But Eric also loses 10.14 points when his 2019 Pintastic result decays another 25% a day later. Meanwhile, Ray’s CityChamp drops out, but is replaced by Emerald City Cup, a net loss of only 0.97. So Eric’s total will be 709.53 and Ray’s 711.58 come the end of June.