If you plan on visiting San Diego for Comicon next week

and you want to get in some pinball during the downtime. Here is a list of places you should hit up.

Monday 18th- Freeplay at Harbor Town Pub 9pm-close

Tuesday 19th- $5 buy in tournament at the Waterfront, starts at 7pm. Only a mile from the convention center.

Sunday 24th- Freeplay at the Waterfront 8pm-close

Coin Op Game Room and the High Dive are also only a quick uber ride away.


Plus Selfie League at Harbor Town, right?

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Selfie league goes on throught the month but it is more to place yourself into a division for the monthly tournament that will occur on Aug 2nd.

If anyone plans on staying past the week of comicon. There will also be a Coin Op game room tournament on Tuesday 26th @7.

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For sure. I just thought I’d throw that out there cus I played in it with Nate Shivers last time I was there. Couldn’t stay for the finals, but figured why not put some scores up if I was there anyways. And now I have a California tournament on my IFPA profile. :smile_cat:

High Dive is still too hot? They said they were going to ventilate that area this summer

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Yeah, it was pretty bad

How about, “If you’re in San Diego for the pinball stuff next week, maybe also check out Comic Con” as an alternate title? :wink:

Any places recommended for the morning and/or afternoon? I live close enough to San Diego that I can easily drive down there, but at the same time, said drive is about three hours, and I’d like to get home at a reasonable hour. Usually, I’ve left the city by 8 PM.

I’ve always been going to Nickel City by default, and I use Pinball Map to see what’s around, but I’d also like to hear some recommendations.

(Now I’m thinking I should’ve made such a list for downtown L.A. for Anime Expo, whose attendance numbers are catching up to San Diego Comic-Con’s.)

Harbor Town and Waterfront both open early in the morning. Coin Op opens at 12 on weekends ( it is a madhouse on Saturday nights tho). Kearny Mesa Bowl is cool too.

There’s nothing wrong w Nickel City, it’s the biggest lineup on location in SD. It’s just kind of out of the way for me, and since I work with children I prefer to not have kids all up in my stuff while I play. They also don’t serve alcohol…

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PBR will be at the show.

I see. Thanks for the information.

I don’t mind going far out of my way to find some of these machines, as I already do that routinely. And whether a location serves alcohol or not is of absolutely no concern for me. At least as far as my path to and from Qualcomm Stadium (that’s my preferred parking place when visiting the San Diego Convention Center), I don’t really consider it that far out of the way. It’s just a hop off the freeway and a few minutes down. I’ve traveled to far more remote locations in the Los Angeles/Orange/Ventura area.