Idea for outlane posts on long playing games for tournaments

After playing a bunch of Iron Maiden (I love this game so much) It is hard not to notice that it plays pretty long and I wonder how that is going to go in the major tournaments. I think removing the posts is probably going to be one solution. That got me thinking, What if there was a really fast way to move outlane posts? What if someone made a quick release pin that could take a post rubber and just have a button on top so you could just pull it out on the fly?



Watch the cactus jack’s stream. Removing inlane rubber makes it pretty brutal.

Oh, it was more than just the inlane rubber… the outlane posts were gone. In fact, I don’t recall if the inlane post rubber was left on or not. But the outlane posts were completely removed.

Definitely changed strategy, and the sling-drains from the R sling to the L outlane were prolific.

Pretty sure the inlane’s still had rubber but as you said the outlane post were completely gone.

Swapping the 7/16OD rubbers for 3/8OD rubber is my preference. Still gives the player a fighting chance with skillful nudges but not much bounce is their and it’s a wider opening as well.

Biggest thing to reduce times to me is increasing the sensitivity of the slings. That always kills me.

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Removing the outlane post on the right outlane actually makes it play longer


Hadn’t thought of it that way… due to having wider access to the rubber band that’s above the outlane post from upward nudging?

The post pushes the ball down from sling

New feature on all new Sterns:

Left outlane ‘Wall of Death’! :wink:


Are the Titan silicone post rubbers as bouncy as their regular silicone rings? If yes, installing one of those on the right outlane post might shorten balls times.

Hate those rings, but one or two is ok.

They appear to be to me. Hard to judge if the ball is gonna actually stay inlane or take one more bounce and go out.

I would think a movable outlane post would be cool. Setting could be time or score and the outlane widens in steps over time automatically.

I proposed that to Steve R and George G in conversation. Either they had thought of it and were good actors or they truly thought I was dumb :frowning:

I proposed it as a great handicap/rules feature.

Playing with friends and one person could have the lanes wide open and another at the most closed setting to help level the playing field. Also depending on the mode they could move in or out. Guess it’s probably not cost effective in today’s BOM days but if I ever get off my lazy but and try to make my own personal game that is one thing I would try to add.

The biggest issue with adjustable posts is what do you use to anchor them? WMS/WPS games have used threaded plates in 3 places. It works, but because of the constant use the area sees, eventually the machine screw will break from stress.

The pin removal idea seems interesting but I can’t imagine it being terribly sturdy like that. I mean, I buy those screwdrivers that lock in a similar fashion and it only takes a couple of months to wear out the locking area so that it’s just spinning continuously.

My initial thoughts were one of 2:

  • their is a slit in the PF and the post rides on a servo. 100oz servo with metal gears should hold up a while and easy to replace if it broke. This would allow easy movement and be the easiest to implement.

  • Have 3/4 holes in the PF and the post moves up and down like a drop target. Think like the arcade game where you hit the creature that pops up. Problem here is you would need 3 post (for 3 holes/adjustments) and 6 coils (1 to raise and 1 to lower for all 6 post). Would also need to design a different rubber that would be like a sleeve but have some bounce to it.

Not saying any of these are feasible but with my limited brain capacity this is what I had come up with. Worked in VP though as I was playing with it back when I was building VP tables.