I'd donate $20 to POP for a Monopoly home ROM

Take my money !!!

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huh? Context please.

I have a Monopoly pin and think it would be great if there was a little more oomph to the code. I don’t pray so figured I’d post hear to see if the code gods were listening.

After listening to the Pinball Podcast review of the game I’m anticipating a surge in value and possibly a VE.

Remember when we drove the cost of Maverick through the roof? No? Well that doesn’t mean we won’t with Monopoly.

I don’t even have a Monopoly but I’d pitch in for code support.

So I’m in for $20 and Jeff is in for $100. Let’s do this people!! Rally!!


The home ROM already exists. Whether or not it can be released is another matter. I would contribute money to the fund for a coin-play ROM if Stern will allow it to be released. Since they managed to make it happen for DE Star Wars I have to imagine that they could allow it to happen for Monopoly if they wanted to.

There’s a home ROM for Monopoly? What does it do?

Just got my Monopoly set back up in anticipation!!

Are there any more of these mysterious home ROMs available for other games? I’d love to see one for Ripley’s that tidies up the code (or even better, adds more stuff to it).

There’s one for Austin Powers, but Lonnie is the only person I know with it. It added several animations (and possibly call-outs) that were yanked by Mike Meyers.

There are numerous ROMs that fix bugs
That are not official releases.

For PAPA games with special ROMs is there a resource for finding out about any rule changes?

I did in fact do a Monopoly home ROM while I was at PLD. However, like all the other custom ROMs, it will not be released. I have contacted Stern to see if I can take it around for shows though, and I’m still waiting for an answer on that. Overall, I think it makes the game a little more fun, but other than Land Grab the changes aren’t really significant. If you’re wondering what you’re missing, here is what it included:

New multiball scoring: Under the new rule, the side ramp still scores jackpots, but the electric company scoop multiplier jackpots to a maximum of 5X. Base jackpot value is still 1 million. So if you shoot the scoop twice, you will get a 3X jackpot worth 3 million.

Untimed Land Grab: Land Grab is played as an untimed round, played until multiball ends. However, house building is reduced - side ramps are worth 2 houses instead of 4, and no time is added since that makes no sense anymore. When a board is finished, a ball is added and the mode restarts with increased scoring. In the second round and above, a center ramp shot closes the bank door to prevent simply looping the center ramp. Shooting the bank reopens the bank, but does not build houses.

It also allows you to stop timers in the jets because I hate that.

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Those changes both sound great! 2M max for the “super” jackpot in multiball is kinda lame; it’d be more worth trying to shoot the scoop if the value increased. And yeah, Land Grab in the current code = 6.3M, as I recall, pretty much always (maximized hotels).

Is there no chance of them just releasing it as a ROM update? They’ve released new code for DESW, fer chrissake, so it’s not like Monopoly is too old for a ROM update…

My understanding is that the process of getting the update for Star Wars done was exhausting and took many months due to their need to interact with the licensor. When they do a game, the licensor has to approve everything - the text, the dots, the voices, the art. Nothing gets released without approval. So if we change anything, we’re breaking that contract. Additionally, Stern’s right to those licenses typically expires after a specified amount of time, so they don’t really have the right to release anything for those games at all, even just bug fixes and the like. After going through the process with Star Wars, they decided it’s just not worth it, and I can’t blame them to be honest.

Damn. I was hoping the opposite was true: that the Star Wars update indicated that more such updates were possible in future.