How much of a nerd am I??

So I, like most of you, am pretty obsessed with pinball. And pretty much all aspects of pinball, history, artists, programmers, designers, whatever.

So as a nerd I listen to all of the podcasts, watch all the streams. And so I guess I’m up to date on all the detials. So when someone talks about something that has already been covered a few times and they get it wrong… It annoys the heck out of me.

Or what gets me even more when they totally butcher an artist’s or designer’s name. An established one. And while Jack’s last name is tough…how do you not know how to say Youssi… My goodness!!!

Sheesh on a stick…I am a total nerd!


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I guess because I’m not as big a nerd as you? :slight_smile:

Who is jack Youssi?


I’m thinking about starting a podcast that will only focus on pinball podcasts. With the proliferation of podcasts available, the average pinhead has a hard time deciding which podcast to listen to. My podcast would help these poor pinheads out. What do you guys think?


I’d listen to it. And I meant Jack Guarnieri . Jack’s name is hard but John Youssi…well I guess that’s hard too. Hahah. I’m just waxing on about my nerdiness

That wasn’t the best example. I guess I just find it funny when I hear people, people who play a lot of pinball and have collected for decades, not know about an artist or designer. And talk about then like they are something just discovered.

Again, I admit my obsession. I mean why would I be trolling this forum on a fri afternoon instead of working… I was looking for a support group :wink:

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If the only thing bothering you is a mispronunciation, that can’t be too bad. With all the podcasts out there, I would think there would be a lot of misinformation.

Don’t let listening time cut into your play time. As long as you do that, it’s all good. Everything revolves around playing. That’s the heart of the hobby.

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I mean it’s misinformation and old info too that get me… But yeah. Play play play

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Yet another TIM rant by @timballs !! Oh wait… :smiley:

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I was thinking about the other day with so many podcasts out there that there’s got to be big names that are tired of being solicited for interviews (not trying to discourage anyone, just a shower thought).

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Heck there are a lot of big names that need to do more interviews. I volunteer to interview @keefer on Boom Go Pinball :wink: now that I’m streaming more on woz I have lots of questions and all 175 of my subscribers would love to listen

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