How many meetings can you drop in an 8 week league per IFPA?

If you run 8 meetings and a final can you drop 3?

If you want that portion to count towards TGP, I believe you have to play in at least 50% of the sessions.

So in your situation, dropping 3 is okay I think.

We did a 6 meeting league and the rules were that 4 meetings “count” and you had to at least play in 3 to qualify for finals but you had to take a zero for the missing meeting. Trying to extend it so I guess the math works?

Yep. Looks like you’re good.

Sanctioning Requirements:

    • Leagues must have a minimum of 6 sessions per season, of which at least 4 sessions must count toward a player’s standing.
    • League members must compete in at least 50% of the total meetings/sessions that were held in a season to be included in the results submitted to IFPA.”

In your case 8 meets + 1 finals is 9. Minus 3 is 6 that count. So it’s permitted.

Thanks - I was looking for that - but I don’t think the Finals count as a meeting? or do they?

Two lines down from the section I quoted says, “ * Except for League playoffs/finals, a session cannot be an ‘elimination’ format. All players need to play the same number of games.”

Based on that I think finals are a session.

But based on other changes the Finals may been seen as there own part / happen after ALL rounds / sessions are over.
Also if not all players make the finals then I don’t see how they can be counted as an session

You don’t get to count the finals / playoff round in match play as an round

We do two divisions everyone plays in finals - but per IFPA rules we can only rearrange the ranking for the top division.

Does an A / B that all players make count as an round in other settings?

If you have evidence to support your position please share it.

the new changes for V5.8 that let Events that have a separate Qualifying and Finals format have each part be graded on there own. Seem to drive that Finals may be there own thing.

You can rearrange both divisions from finals. Freezing the lower division is only required if you restrict who can play in the lower division finals.

If you qualify for the top division of finals does that mean you are restricting them from playing in the lowers?

No. It only applies to B division. So if you have the bottom 16 of league make B, and say, “but if you’re in the top 1000 of IFPA you can’t play in B”, then the standings have to freeze after qualifying for B.

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