How do you deal with intentional GI outages or dark modes?

So today I was playing Metallica and hit the second stage of fade to black and even though I knew the lights were about to go out I still couldn’t see and basically insta-drained while my eyes adjusted. When the GI goes out I’m pretty much blind for a few seconds. Might just be me. This has happened three-four times before with fade to black and I often have the same problem with well walker qualifying on TWD. The ball is out of control and everything goes dark on each hit. Obviously this is only applicable if you don’t have good overhead lighting. The bar one of our local leagues is at suffers from his problem. I don’t usually mind the ambiance but it’s pretty frustrating in this case. Usually the lighting is more than adequate and it’s a shame because otherwise the light shows on these games look great in a dark room.

Any tips? Tricks? Just deal? Phone as a flashlight on top of the glass? Eyepatch? Anyone tried playing with one eye shut and switching? Hah.

Sounds like Fade to Black is not for you!

Have you tried a miner’s hat? Please don’t try that.


Can we list some or all games with dark GI modes? I’ll start.

Judge Dredd: Blackout mode
Blackout: umm… also Blackout mode, I think
Metallica: Fade to Black

AFM Strobe Multiball

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WoZ’s Lights Out Multiball

Pretty sure none of the WoZ modes affect the general illumination.

Yeah, but it’s so damn lucrative! I’m not aware of any other three-shot combos that pay out 120 million+, minimum. I assume there are similar setups for the other crank it up modes, but Fade to Black is the only one I’ve been able to pull off a few times.

AFM Strobe Multiball.
JM Powerdown
CV neon Multiball

Wow. What 3-shot combo pays out 120M in Fade to Black? The completion bonus, when doubled is 30M. And you can certainly get 120M from your CIU jackpot if you run 2x during the mode or during your cash-out. But how did you pull off 120M in only 3 shots?

Two more recent ones that are frustrating in a dark environment…

TWD: Crossbow mode – especially on a Pro, because it feeds your flipper on the fly with no time to adjust to the sudden darkness.

ST: each time you earn another medal, everything goes dark… to draw your attention to the dots? And to reward your accomplishment with a dark celebration of the end of your ball.


AMH has some GI-off tricks.

Pretty much that. The completion bonus is 30 million doubled, then another 60 million on the mode cash-out. Add another 50-100 million for the prior jackpots doubled at cash-out.The three shots I was referring to were the fuel doubler followed by the final jackpot and then cash out. It’s not quite “only” three shots.

Is there any way to know your Fade to Black progress on a Pro where there isn’t any dimming? In For Whom the Bell Tolls, I like to save my 2x until I have a couple more shots left to complete, but I have no idea when I’m close to finishing FTB.

Hah! Yeah that’s pretty much how I feel.

It’s been a while since I’ve played FTB, but isn’t there a small vertical meter on the left side of the screen that tracks this progress? If not vertical, it’s a horizontal one at the bottom, but I’m thinking it’s vertical.

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JD has blackout mode but it’s not much darker than normal play! Darkest GI in a game ever I’d say. Playing it at pinburgh after party last year was funny. Couldn’t see a thing with no ambient light. Played by intuition since I know the shots on the game well enough already.

there’s a BSD near me that has these awful colored leds in the GI hat are way too dim. Moreover, the arcade is very dark, making it very hard to see the game. I’ve placed my phone on the glass with the flashlight turned on so I can see the game. Works pretty well. Not sure of tournament legality though…

If Wendi Jankowitz can wear a miner’s lamp, then I don’t see any reason why you can’t put your iphone up there. (Wendi was a tourney player back in the day who infamously asked the lights to be turned off above the B Division bank at PAPA 5, then wore a miner’s lamp the rest of the tournament so she could see.)


Wow. Seriously??

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Try using Glo-Balls like in Viper Night Drivin’!

I find that I have a harder time playing LED heavy games that blind me. There’s a Space Station near me that really hurts my eyes when I start multiball. For BDK, I’ll usually put a dollar bill or whatever over each flasher by the sling because those lights are nuts.

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