How do I?? WoZ strategies

I’ve been playing my WoZ for a little while now…getting familiar with the game.

For those familiar with the game, what is your strategy when going for a high score? going for one of the wizard modes?

I’m not a great player, but I find having specific goals with steps to reach these goals not only helps me focus on gameplay.

Thanks for any info, tipsm etc… :slightly_smiling:

Stack modes and MBs. CB modes are great if in a munchkin or haunted forest mode. Do not shot the CB 3x in a row though.

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We were WARNED not to shoot CB 3X in a row. Kinda like being warned “not to push the RED button” or bad things will happen…There is always someone who will do it. I heard that some dude on a Twitch stream did it and had a meltdown right on the stream. I guess the punishment is “no hold flippers or weak flippers”…

[fry-mode] not sure if poking bear seriously or humorously [/fry-mode]

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heard about that as well…some people will never learn.


LOL…I knew it was you…I follow your Twitch streams (I’m FlipOutNH).

It was actually your stream that convinced me to buy a WoZ.

Keith J. did not disappoint with the code…The playfield was packed with so many things, I guess he decided to pack it with even more code. I don’t think I will ever finish this game, but I will certainly have a blast trying…