Houdini Rulesheet


Thank you! What was your final score that game, and what are your best scores before and after December 2018? In the video I linked to from 10/1/18, one of the scores was very close to 10 million.


Sorry, I see your final score from that game in the picture now. 13 million plus!


Well, that was your score at the time of the Encore Bonus. Your final score was probably higher.


Final score was 13.4 million, so I think the Encore Bonus is added to your score instantly.


Did you get the Encore Bonus twice? Or did you get a lot of points from a mini-wizard mode?

You got about 3 million from the Encore Bonus in the picture. I’m trying to figure out where the other points came from to get you to 13 million.


I got 12M once. My biggest score in the Houdini tournament qualifying was well over 12M. Wish I still had a picture.


so he had approximately 5 Mil from stage acts, including the encore bonus. I don’t think the rules on the bonus changed, but I can’t say for certain off the top of my had, but the screen was changed to better reflect what was being awarded.

I’d guess he probably picked up over 400K in movie modes, depends on what he did with Man from Beyond, which if stacked with another MB can be huge (typically if you are focused, you should be starting one or two movie modes simultaneously with trunk MB). If he also got the binge, which can be the highest scoring part of the game, if you did well on the movie modes, and then ‘complete’ the movies in the right order to maximize the balls in play multiplier, probably another million or more there.

Given he got to all stage modes, he must have had Seance MB two or three times and probably trunk MB more than once, so my guess he is that want makes up what is left. I’m sure he did well on jail escapes and secret missions, but even cleaning up there is going to be less than million.


I think that’s an accurate assessment. I also did get Movie Binge, and managed to stack a 3X Milkcan Multiplier with the Great Jail Escape.