Houdini Rulesheet


I’m talking about Houdini’s coded message from beyond the grave.


Any suggestions/adjustments to reduce game times in Houdini for a tournament? I was playing last night and we had games that were 10+ minutes long.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Can the rules be edited? Can’t seem to find the “edit” button.


I’m not sure of the process. Somehow you must earn access. I lamented about this on Pinside and an admin for the site provided me with access. His name was @keefer.


@YeOldPinPlayer, what does it say? Is it morse code?


Hmmm, try editing again… I would’ve thought the top post was a Wiki already, but it let me make it a Wiki, so hopefully it is now a Wiki for reals. :wink:


Works now. Thank you!