Houdini Rulesheet


I’m talking about Houdini’s coded message from beyond the grave.


Any suggestions/adjustments to reduce game times in Houdini for a tournament? I was playing last night and we had games that were 10+ minutes long.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Can the rules be edited? Can’t seem to find the “edit” button.


I’m not sure of the process. Somehow you must earn access. I lamented about this on Pinside and an admin for the site provided me with access. His name was @keefer.


@YeOldPinPlayer, what does it say? Is it morse code?


Hmmm, try editing again… I would’ve thought the top post was a Wiki already, but it let me make it a Wiki, so hopefully it is now a Wiki for reals. :wink:


Works now. Thank you!


Now that Expo’s over I’ll get to polishing up the rule sheet.

There’s a few things missing, including the Great Jail Escape and the point bonus you get for playing through all 10 Stage modes. It’s worth potentially 3+ million points and happens without much fanfare.


Thanks! I haven’t had time to update for the latest release.


A little more fanfare coming soon, it will also now require a return to the stage, after the last stage mode is finished, to collect it.


Can’t wait for the next update. Thank you for your commitment to making Houdini’s code better and better, Josh!


The 18.12.12 release is now available for all to enjoy.


A ton of improvements and fixes in this release.


Thank you, Josh! Happy holidays.


@JimiWolf on time for City Champ? :slight_smile: