High Stakes tournament Zeppelin Pro Asheville, NC

I’m not the organizer but signed up for this

8 strike tournament. $150 entry. Grand prize is a led zeppelin pro. Asheville, NC Sunday July 10th.

good luck! bring home that LZ Pro! Asheville is looking better every day for pinball

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We have a great growing scene. No superstars yet but great people playing and lots of great players within a two hour radius.

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Bump for this. They are at 21 players out of forty spots so far. Players list is posted on the Facebook event page… looking forward to playing in this…

final bump for this, they are at 24 of the 40 spots filled. two weeks away, Hope to flip with you there.

Dang, I happen to be traveling to Durham that day for work. Tried jiggering my travel around to make it work but not gonna happen. It’s kind of hard to travel to Asheville!

Its getting better as we get more flights but yeah we are in the middle of the mountains. Which is one of the many reasons why people love it here.