Help with Wheel of Fortune software it's all in bits!


Was playing on WOF 6.02 at Cactus Jacks Silverball tourney this weekend, and noticed a weird glitch: when I hit the first and 2nd inline drop, it would give me my usual Free Spins lit but not register my “U” for spelling BONUS, but instead it would register the green standup immediately to the R of the inlines as being hit.
Further, if I hit that same green standup, the standup would give me the “U” for BONUS.

Anyone else ever notice the same? Or was this some issue of wires / board logic getting crossed up?


I noticed that as well in my last game but don’t know WOF enough to know if that was normal or not. Thinking now it may be a switch matrix issue.

I really like this game even though it kicks my butt. Would love to have one around that I could spend more time on.


Get one, so I can come over and have it kick both our butts


I’ve been considering putting my Helen AC/DC up for trade for something and cash back. Maybe that happens. I’ve been leaning towards Deadpool though. I guess I just like the odd ball games.

hard part about getting a WOF is finding one with the 6.02 code already as it doesn’t seem available and people wont share the non-released versions :frowning:


Got it all together, but can’t get the game to coin up and the flipper is stuck up. I think I should just hang it up and forget about it.


If you get a WoF I’d be happy to send you the 6.02 code.


If the flipper goes down when you turn off the power you have a bad transistor. If it doesn’t, look for something binding in the flipper mechanism.


He’s going to have to rearrange a lot of parts to change that flipper’s position…




Most likely the lamp sockets were just reversed due to the close proximity of those two inserts. I once bought an Austin Powers that had about a half a dozen lamps switched around like this. It will mimic a switch or lamp matrix error, but it’s really just lamp sockets plugged into the wrong spot!