Help me troubleshoot my BSD

BSD is resetting during play when both flippers are flipped at the same time. Where should I start?

start here and see if it makes any sense to you:

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My guess is it’s a voltage issue, low line voltage will cause resets when both flippers are flipped at the same time. I’m not very sure. Others?

I agree with bdols. It is a low 5v issue. No better way than going through the pin wiki step by step; however, there is a short cut: buy the wpc daughterboard and then plug and play.

Let us know how you progress.

I use the Kahr boards in several of my games due to voltage drops in the summer months and haven’t had a reset since.

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Same here. I have had a Kahr board in my Dredd that is on location for the last 5 months and not a problem since it was installed.

Thanks all. I started to dig in, but have an injured knee and couldn’t keep working as it was hard to stand. I will dig in soon and update.

Order yourself a kahr and install it once you heal which is hopefully soon!

Whoa, Those Kahrs are affordable. Ordering now. Thanks All.

It’s still worth fixing the root problem. It’s often the BR and Cap but there are other things that can happen. I use the Kahr for the summer when AC use drops voltage.
Best of luck.

BSD is back in action. Reseated some connectors again and made sure boards were grounded correctly. I think J103 was the issue

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