Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


Have LAX results been submitted? That may shake up the seeding a little.


Not yet.


Negative :angry:


Tips video now available! (thanks @kdeangelo)


Batman 66:
Qualify the Penguin by shooting into the scoop twice then hitting the 5 crane shots.

That seems to be a mistake (or is there code coming that changes that?). Looks great, though.


Dang, that’s right, the code was updated since I created that particular video.


I’ll just roll the code back to make sure you don’t have to do any more work . . . you’ve done enough :slight_smile:


The good news is that the LAX results have been submitted.

The bad news is that I already confirmed players that played less than 50% of a qualifying ticket have NOT been removed.

Anyone who is interested in helping weed out the players that need to be removed from the results, feel free to step up:


@Vengeance isn’t going to do it . . . and with Circuit/HUC starting tomorrow we wouldn’t get to it until after the weekend on our own.

Thanks in advance for whoever wants to step up and go through this :slight_smile:


In main the following people have < 3 games.
leah gosciejew
joel basta
aiton goldman
james florence
fred cochran

In classics people with < 2 games
aj replogle
nick zendejas
lewis bevans


Thanks Ian! I’ll go ahead and approve my first results in nearly 2 years :slight_smile:


Ready . . .set . . .GO!


Current players by seed:

|1|Zach Sharpe|
|2|Raymond Davidson|
|3|Eric Stone|
|4|John Delzoppo|
|5|Jason Werdrick|
|6|David Riel|
|7|Steven Bowden|
|8|Josh Sharpe|
|9|Bob Matthews|
|10|Levi Nayman|
|11|Escher Lefkoff|
|12|Nick Zendejas|
|13|Tim Sexton|
|14|Joshua Henderson|
|15|Alberto Santana|
|16|Brian ONeill|
|17|Fred Richardson|
|18|Colin Urban|
|19|Adam McKinnie|
|20|Jeff Teolis|
|21|Adam Lefkoff|
|22|Zac Wollons|
|23|Chris Basler|
|24|Greg Poverelli|
|25|Timothy Street|
|26|Sanjay Shah|
|27|Aaron Grabowski|
|28|Ed Zeltmann|
|29|Chris Warren AL|
|30|Eric Destasio|
|31|Robert Destasio|
|32|Tommy Skinner|
|33|Zachary Parks|
|34|Thomas Urban|
|35|Greg Pitner|
|36|Stanley Sowa Jr|
|37|Alysa Parks|
|38|Mark Henderson|
|39|Sara Urban|
|40|Jane Verwys|
|41|Erin Malysa|
|42|Anna Neal|
|43|Arunas Ingaunis|
|44|Chris Smith|
|45|Rabih Dahdouh|


Jack danger streaming from your basement? :smiley:


I just had a panic attack that I accidentally scheduled Heads-Up for IFPA HQ :open_mouth:

It’ll be at Bottom Lounge (same as Circuit Final). PAPA guys are staying for Sunday to stream it on their Youtube channel.


Anyone know how Bottom Lounge got it’s name?


Link to the stream?


https://challonge.com/2018ifpahuc for the bracket

I am confused about the stream @pinwizj above said that PAPA would stream but @Theguyoverthere said there is no stream?


Thanks for the bracket.

I’m surprised there’s no stream. I’m assuming something went wrong because I thought one of the ideas of the heads up style was to be more tv friendly.


@DEADFLIP should run home to grab his gear and make it back in time to catch some of the later rounds :slight_smile:


I hope something happen for the finals game but it isn’t looking good :confused: