Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


Yeah. It’s gonna be a game time decision on the Stern side based on what’s on the line/in stock the week of the event.




Suddenly wondering if the registration fee is refundable.


YES! YES! YES it is … :slight_smile:


All WWE’s FTW.


Updated Game/Challenge list for the 2018 Heads-Up Championship:


– Start Toy Box Multiball (player chooses what level)
– Star Love in the Elevator Multiball
– Light one of the 2X multiplier shots (player choice)
– Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)

– Capture a Villian (player chooses what Villian)
– Start Villain Multiball
– Start Bat Turn Mode
– Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)

Guardians of the Galaxy:
– Start Groot Multiball
– Start Orb Multiball
– Light one of the 2X multiplier shots (player choice)
– Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


From the official rules…

3. Challenge Detail

Each game will have 5 official Challenges to choose from.

Will one more challenge be added for each game?


No . . . we’re rolling 4 this time around. Official rules on the website have been updated.


Heads-Up is now a flipper skill competition? :frowning:


Just be happy we’re still allowing you to play :wink:


and here i was… finally making my home in the weeds… plotting my revenge on raymond


I do still want to push for Best-of-5 at least in the later rounds. Lower seeds would get more choices and rounds would last longer than 4 mins!


Couple of format changes . . .

  1. TIME LIMIT - If a Challenge hasn’t been completed by either player in 5 minutes, the match will be stopped. The Challenge will then be adjusted to “Two Minute Drill” to ensure we keep on schedule.

  2. SUDDEN DEATH - If the Loser’s Bracket winner defeats the Winner’s Bracket winner in the initial finals round match, this will trigger SUDDEN DEATH. For this ultimate match, it will be a best-of-7 match with all 12 Challenges available to be chosen across the 3 machines. Higher seeded player will have choice of MACHINE or CHALLENGE for Game #1. The loser of Game #1 will have the choice of MACHINE or CHALLENGE for each subsequent game.


This was probably discussed already, but is strategic tilting allowed in this format?


You bet. Games will also be set to 5 balls, so intentionally draining out to restart is also on the table.


Curious. At what point is Orb MB considered started? When the 3rd ball is locked, when the 2nd ball is plunged, or when the locked ball is knocked out by the 2nd ball?


Once Orb 3 is collected the display effect for Orb Multiball starting is triggered. That’s also when the Orb Multiball playfield insert starts to flash. That’s all the evidence I need that it’s “started”.


Side tourney for who can get the biggest unbalanced Orb MB SJP? :slight_smile:


My money is on Lewis!


A reminder for any Circuit finalists that plan on playing in the Heads-Up Championship but have not yet registered, if you can give me the “heads up” (pun intended) that you’re coming, just trying to get a better sense of how many total players we’re going to have along with getting ahead of the initial seeding process.