Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


No confirmation of a possible event on Saturday? What time do you think this will finish at? Looks like latest Sunday flight out CHI-SEA is 7:35 p.m.


For HUC I don’t feel comfortable enough to even guess an end time. I know we’re going to try and focus on making the first rounds go faster, but we’re also hoping to draw out the last 6 finalists to last for more than 15 minutes.

(And yes I totally avoided answering your first question on purpose) :wink:


Was thinking the same thing… :thinking: I wonder what could be on the 24th in Chicago?


what time did the one in Vegas end at again? It would be helpful to those travelling from far to try and keep Sunday night flight a possibility :slight_smile:


Well if this happens to be concurrent with any other important events I would imagine it will attract more highly rated players and will go well beyond whatever it was last year.


Very exciting but Hamilton has come to Chicago! There’s two shows that Saturday:


I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m totally in if anyone else is coming into town for the HUC and wants to go! :slight_smile:


I think the Vegas one took 6 hours, but it was only 34 players.

I know we’re going to start earlier than we did in Vegas, only because “we” (Raw Thrills) couldn’t get into the Hard Rock until like 1pm that day. We’ll be able to start at a more normal time (10am I think is the plan).

But we could have 50 players? 70 players? 100 players? I have no idea. Does 100 players = 3X as much time as 34 players? (Again no idea on that one either)


I’ll ParAPhrAse it without giving it away since I don’t drink the Stern koolaid. image


I would seriously consider this :). I am pretty sure I will not have anything better to do on Saturday.


As a first approximation, yes, 100 players would take 3 times as long. You’ve got to eliminate 99 people, so that’s 198 match play losses, vs. 66 [2 x [34-1]] this time out. [For nitpickers, possibly one more loss if the eventual winner has one.] But it could be made to take less time than that if more of those losses are occurring simultaneously, i.e. if you have enough machines to have more matches going on at the same time on different games. There were some operational issues this year, too, and some inefficiencies in scheduling - - learning curve, that was the whole point, test it out - - so there might be a bit more to gain there. On the flip side, the more formal or polished the broadcast, the longer things would take, e.g. brief interviews before or after a round, an “official” starter ceremony in later rounds [“player A, you have choice, what’s your goal?”], more “build-up,” etc.

The real driver, though, is going to be machine count and the “how many matches are in progress at once” thing.


This will be a big focal point this time around.

I definitely see the booth being in charge of giving the OK to proceed with the match. Once the challenge choice is made, that information will be communicated, we’ll run the Karl’s tip breakdown video of that specific challenge, and then have the booth kick it back over to the official to start the match.


So long as The Plague isn’t in the booth. :wink:


i was just going to say that! :smiley:


For anyone interested in attending the Heads-Up Championship or anyone that plans on attending the PAPA Circuit Final, Stern has secured a block of rooms close to the venue.

Here are the details:

a. Guests can begin calling 1-800-KIMPTON (1-800-546-7866) to reserve (you should ask for the group rate under the “Stern Pinball Room Block”)

b. Alternatively, guests can book online at http://www.monaco-chicago.com/ using the Group Code “E72”.

c. Or book online via: Stern Pinball starting immediately.


Has a schedule been announced for the PAPA circuit final? Need to know whether to book Friday night flight and one extra night hotel or if a crazy Saturday morning flight is feasible.


@PAPA_Doug ? Need to book flights and hotel soon…


the man is booking flights every other week! :slight_smile:


Current prize package based on the 29 players registered:

1st place - NIB Stern Pro machine
2nd place - $360
3rd place - $240
4th place - $160
5th through 8th place - $80 each
9th through 16th place - $40 each


Still better than the old expo days :wink:


Is the game lineup still tentative?