Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 35 – Texas Pinball Festival highlights


Even more Bowen!!! Plus other stuff.

  • Ryan in Vegas
  • Even MORE AC/DC code updates
  • Chicago Expo drama!
  • TPF predictions
  • Bowen on better Tournaments
  • Bowen on Pinburgh
  • Bowen on hardest opponent
  • Bowen on Death by Pinball
  • Bowen on PAPA tutorials
  • Bowen the professional pinball trainer
  • Bowen on Rules
  • Slam the Top 100
  • TNA issues fixed
  • Ryza’s Rage Tilts
  • Pinball education centre
  • Bruce saves that day


Martin listens to all the Texas Pinball Festival news from Ryan C.


Sort of disappointed that you didn’t do an in-depth feature on the 4th place finisher in B division of the Wizards Tournament. These are the stories the people are hungry for.


You are correct. Hence why we have planned a 2 part series on this very person. Listen out for it.