Have Amazon prime? Use it to support your favorite pinball streamer!

This might be old news, but if you’ve got Amazon prime, you get Twitch Prime for free - no ads and you get a free monthly subscription to use on whatever channel you feel like. Dead_Flip, PinballJoe, PapaTVPinball, BatCityPinball - spread the love!

This helps out the streamer with some cash and increases the profile of the stream and pinball in general. Might as well, right?


Yes, old news. However, it’s a great reminder and awareness note.

In addition to the accounts that @Law named, a lot more pinball streamers have become eligible for the Twitch Prime subscriptions because of the new Twitch Affiliate program, which does not require the same application process that the Twitch Partner program has. Twitch affiliate added subscriber support in late June, so it is new news!

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Two of these channels haven’t broadcast pinball in over 3 months…

Shame on PapaTVPinball and PinballJoe. Just trying to suggest possibilities.

I should clarify that two of those channels haven’t broadcast pinball on Twitch in over 3 months. PAPAtv moved to YouTube because its subscriber and viewer base is larger there.

Nice list of Twitch channels for pinball streamers here.


Wow, there are a lot more than I realized. A whole lot more.

I would use my prime sub more months if they made it easier to actually use. I don’t watch twitch often, but when I do I am using my PS4 and it did not seem possible from there. If I recall I couldn’t do it from the android app. I needed to login to the desktop web. I feel like a bad person saying I am not willing to log into a website once a month, but it really inconvenient.

I agree