Handicapping charity tourney

I run a charity tournament out of my basement game room. skill levels are all over the place and the last two tournaments were won by skilled players. I’m trying to figure out a decent handicap for players that play in a league or are IFPA ranked. It’s not a WPPR tourney or anything and most players are corporate donors that I’d rather not see get blown out by more experienced players. Any ideas appreciated.

I’ve considered allowing EBs for less skilled as well as only allowing 2 balls per game for the more experienced players.

One option is to set a “completion goal” (think Pingolf goals) and make the goals proportional to ability. @dbs is very good at this, but it would be things like:

Addams Family: 2 mansion rooms / start multiball / 10,000,000 THING

As long as all goals are clear to everyone, this can work well. Skill goals are better than point goals here since it’s less obvious that one thing is “easier” than another. (Also possible: if a beginner completes a more advanced goal, they get a bonus.)

Let the really good players use only one hand! :grinning:

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I was thinking of asking the community about handicapping in general. Is there a way we (like golf) could assign a handicap to players so that we could play casual tournaments on more even terms?

Maybe it could be tied to wpprs? Say player A with 1000 wppr points is considered a scratch pinballer. Player B has 500 wpprs and is a 5 hcp. When these two players are facing each other, player B would have to earn half as many points as player A on the machine to play even. I know that there are a lot of smart people out there who can come up with a a better scale/idea than this.

I decided I’m just going to hold separate tourneys and offer WPPRS for the more skilled players.

@bdols used handicapping format for the Buffalo Billiards PAPA18 satellite tourney. You may want to ask him. I think he used a modified version from someone else so he didn’t have to completely reinvent the wheel – it added bonus points (handicap) to the scores of lower-ranked players. Finals are this Sunday!