Hand screened posters 2019 24 Hour Final Battle

Mark your calendar. Tickets on sale Sunday June 9th at 5PM eastern.

Tickets are through eventbrite again and all details and link to bookmark for your tickets can be found at tothesanctum.com/finalbattle


Can’t wait!

4 hours till go time!

I’m in! Can’t wait.

In! While eating my last pizza in Italy :slight_smile:


Full list and waitlist are up! If you see any errors let me know.

Doing a limited run of 50 of these if anyone is interested. Hand screened by the artist. 20$ each. Fill this form out if you are interested.

Flying up tomorrow! Staying in Meriden. Anything going on tomorrow night? If not I’ll see everyone at the strikes event Friday night!

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Sleep… if you need practice tomorrow night take the train to New Haven. Barcade has 7 pins.

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Have a steamed cheeseburger.

Or Tacos Mi Nachos or if you want true new haven pizza Little Rendezvous is right next door. It’s my number one pizza in the state. I catch a lot of flack for putting it over Pepe’s and Sally’s

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I will have a car so I’m down to do some exploring today and tomorrow.