Halloween Pinball 2018

Happy Halloween! Anyone else incorporate pinball into their Halloween night?

I setup a pinball machine in my garage and allow kids to play one ball. It gets a lot of action! See the pics attached!

I also put up a special Halloween window projection that attracts neighbors from all over. I put it up all week with low volume and then on Halloween night I crank it up!! I included a short video below.

PART 1 which is a shorter clip.

PART 2 which is 5 minutes



Our neighbors from across the street have that projector. It’s awesome!!


Good stuff! Our neighborhood also has 2 block parties each summer, I provide the DJ music, a pinball machine, and we end the night with a movie projected on the side of the house!

Our neighborhood does a big block party too. Love it. So glad we moved here.

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We did our 8th annual Halloweener block party: we wheel our grill out to the front of our driveway and grill up hot dogs and sausages to pass out to trick or treaters and our neighbors – plus side dishes that neighbors bring over. We gave out 100 hot dogs, a few dozen sausages, over 100 bottles of water, and 3 cases of beer. It’s much more fun to hang out with neighbors and have a party while all the trick or treaters stop by, instead of hanging out behind our door. We even had a few brave trick or treaters in the pouring rain during the first hour this year.

I should have set up a pin or two in my garage to add to the festivities – good idea for next year!


Our league had a regular league night last night. Lots of people dressed up in pinball-related costumes. One couple came as the people on the Bally Night Rider backglass. Absolutely fantastic: https://twitter.com/Samuel_IGN/status/1057871681903980544


I had Wizard of Oz in the driveway for the kids to play.


As @haugstrup said here’s a few more of the pinball related outfits from last night - can you all guess what they are?