Guardians of the Galaxy



GOTG Feature Matrix.pdf (40.1 KB)


It’s a little hard to picture how those giant LE hands will impact play, without some video or player-perspective photos.

I hope it’s fun to play and does well for them!


So it’s the first Stern in a while without really any major gameplay differences between the Pro and LE/Premium? Only thing Pro is missing are spinners from the looks of it.


Pro has less magnets too


From the data sheet it sounds like the “yagov” Kicker is also missing on the pro


I think that’s misleading. I think rocket is static on the pro. Kickback is on all versions.


Always cool with new stuff (even though its not iron maiden), but…so… its really just metallica rehashed with some magnets? :slight_smile:

Also, is Groot evil? With his hands and layout he seems like a villain. disclaimer: havent seen the movies.


No, Groot is Groot :stuck_out_tongue:

(Joking aside, no, he’s one of the Guardians - literally the only thing he ever says during both films and the comics is “I am Groot”, with one exception)


No spinners on PRO, no control gates near Top rollovers as well.


I think that is not true

pro has no:

  • 2 extra magnets
  • Groot hands (I think the extra magnets are under the hands and will grab the balls but I am not sure)
  • Moving Rocket figure
  • open/close orb
  • RGB popbumpers
  • 2 spinners
  • ramp decals at entrance
  • metal apron
  • EZ slide cabinet brackets
  • Red/White/Blue GI
  • scoop protector


Since metallica? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be hesitant to say there’s no “major gameplay differences” just yet - Crank It Up song choices on Metallica Premium/Pro are different because the spinner exists (or doesn’t), and Walking Dead Premium/Pro plays different because of the button.


What’s up with the heavily covered up left outlane entrance. A daring choice on the Alien game, the way I saw it. And now this?

In similar territory, I wonder why the yagov kicker is exposed like it is. And not covered by decoration for aestetic reasons. Have GOT custormer feedback told them to do it like this?

Now, lightning effects on those hands in sync with magnet activity underneath, that would be something.

Also, pleased to have the light sign board back.


I assume there’s gonna be lock taking with that Groot head like Aerosmith…


The effect created on the playfield with those arms is really cool. I can see that being a big draw on location.


It’s all rgb inserts not just pops


I suppose I was considering the coffin and snake locks on MET to be gameplay differences, but tbh, I think I’ve played the Premium maybe a dozen times, so maybe neither have as big an impact on gameplay as I recall.


The snake being able to keep the ball during multiball makes a noticable different. Plus, the rules for lighting snake multiball change


Yeah, I guess I’m used to premiums that don’t coffin lock and forgot about snake-locking, those are two big ones as well. The spinners on the Premium make Fade to Black much easier to complete by switch hits as well.


Didn’t one of the code revs to MET add compensation switch hits for the orbits on the Pro during Fade to Black to simulate a typical # of spins that you would get on the premium/LE?