Great outlane shake followed by a Lazarus on EBD

We played our spring season league playoffs yesterday at the SF Pinball Dept., and Derek L. was streaming the whole thing. Good thing, because he filmed this awesome sequence from the eventual runner up, Robin Lassonde.

In this snippet, she is playing the semis vs Andrei M. and it’s tied 1-1. She picks Eight Ball Deluxe and this is her ball 3.



What is dead may never die


That’s the type of shake that when you pull it off you look around to see who saw it. You’re the greatest pinball player ever at that moment.


Agreed! I also love Ellen’s “oooh” reaction to it. (See the big bottom frame at 0:33.)

Wow, that’s fantastic. Rare you see skill and chance both play a big part in saving the ball so close to each other.

Reminds me of when the ball bounced over a flipper from the apron to go back into play a year or two ago during a game on Gottlieb’s Soccer game (World Challenge Soccer)? Was Adam Lefkoff, IIRC.


Citation needed? Citation provided. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Sometimes a great save is followed quickly by a drain somewhere else. It good to see a great play get rewarded.

Will this be archived on YouTube? Twitch removes files after a certain time.


It’s a highlight. I thought those stay up. But you’re right, definitely a good idea to export to YT either way.

That would be beyond my computer skills. If anybody wants to do it, go for it!

If it’s “highlighted” on Twitch it won’t go away. Additionally, if you want to export it to YouTube there’s a convenient “Export to YouTube” button on the highlight page.

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I like your other suggestion for this, Lazareth, because Adam always mispronounces it!

A bit of additional info on this crazy Lazarus. If you look closely below the flippers you will see two pieces of cardboard taped to the apron. The owner said he put them there to lessen the chances of balls bouncing back into play, but they seemed to have the opposite effect. I had a pretty crazy Lazarus on the same game in the same match!

Nazareth + Lazarus =

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