Gratitude thread

I just want to thank a few people (in no particular order).
@pinwizj Thanks for taking care of the IFPA stuff. If it wasn’t for you and your team I couldn’t do what I do with the players in the Austin TX area.
@Law Thanks for introducing me to competitive pinball and answering hundreds of questions from our players and I.
@bkerins Thanks for being the best Pinbassador ever. I refer every player I know to your tutorial videos.
@chuckwurt Thanks for the eight hours or so of Game of Thrones videos. U R A madman! Also the frequent help you provide people here and on other sites.
@Snailman Thanks for teaching me how elite players view tournament play and for being so generous with your time.
@BuffaloATX Thanks for running the best pinball place in Austin.
@Smack847 Thanks for the Stern Army program. It’s a lot of fun participating and my players love it.
@PinballProfile Thanks for Pinball Profile podcast. It’s my favorite since @Coast2CoastPinball retired :wink:
@BMU Thanks for your game notes document and being such a fun competitor. Meeting you for the first time at Cactus Jack’s was a great pleasure.

I wish I had the memory and time to thank all of you because I’ve inevitably left some people out.


Nice accolades…and thanks @YeOldPinPlayer

There are a LOT of people I can thank. Did many already on Pinball Profile’s Top 10 Most Intriguing episode (…many mentioned in your above thread.

So if I had to pick one area that relates to me, it’s the following. Because I play in a lot of tourneys/leagues, my biggest “thanks” is directed to the volunteers who make these happen. That includes scorekeepers, techs, TD’s, ticket takers, etc. These tourneys/leagues don’t exist/function without you, and yet you give up hours and hours for others. Thank you once again!



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Thanks to @gdd for starting this forum as an alternative to what was available and to the mods for helping to maintain a level of quality. It’s easy to forget about the time before Tilt Forums, when the best option was scouring RGP2 for content I was actually interested in.


Thanks for the kind words @YeOldPinPlayer. ACDC might be my next madman video series. Haha

Thanks to @spraynard @kdeangelo @mwelsh @mizary and others for all the help with my streams. I’d be clueless otherwise.

Also I would suck at running tournaments without @haugstrup ‘s badass software.

Thanks so much everyone!


No particular @ here because I’d be here all day, but shout outs to anyone who helps to scorekeep at tournaments. Not to fault the TDs or techs, but the scorekeepers are at the front line and definitely are the unsung heroes that keep a lot of events running smoothly!


Since you guys got all the important folks in the sport, I’d like to thank all the operators out there for quietly doing their part to keep the hobby growing. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so many clean and working games within 10 minutes of my house. Its a good time to be a location rat. Keep up the great work.

Props also to the pinball map folks. I get people all the time telling me about this cool new app they just found. Rather than tell them I’ve been using it for years, I just play along with them now and say I gotta get that. I have no doubt that the pinball map is helping to grow the hobby. Thanks to all involved.