GoT LE ToPS tournament button issue

We are running a ToPS tournament on our GoT LE and there is some weird behavior from the tournament button, which I’m thinking is a software bug. In test mode, the tournament button switch registers fine and in light test, the button blinks like it’s supposed to, during the all lamps test and the individual test.

When you put in two credits for a tournament game, the tournament button does not light up, tho you can press it and start a tournament game. During attract mode (even with no credits in the game), the tournament button will light up solid occasionally. FYI we are running the latest software release (v1.21).

The button is good as it worked just fine in our KISS pro when we ran a ToPS tournament on that recently.

Not sure how many people are running ToPS tournaments these days on their Stern machines but they do really well for us at our location and players love it.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Does sound like a bug. I do know that WWE will sometimes flash the credit button even when no credits are on the game. So that could be an intentional thing with Spike games. Your issue sounds different but related.

Yes, the GOT limited near me behaves just as you have described.

This happens on the GoT pro as well. Unfortunately it severely drops the value of ToPS!