Gofers -- Quick Jackpot bug?

I’ve read over on the PAPA website that the Quick Jackpot feature from the Wheel doesn’t score correctly, usually giving more points than what it says on the display. There’s an odd issue on the Pinball FX3 version that takes away points.

The video below reduces the score from 32 million down to 10 million after claiming a Quick Jackpot.

Can anyone confirm that this can happen on a real machine?

We got NGG on closeout in 1999 and have put thousands of plays on it since then. I’ve never seen QJ subtract points, nor have I heard any reports of that happening. The QJ scoring is indeed bugged on the real game, usually giving very small points, or several million, but rarely anything close to what it should be.

How often does subtraction occur on the PBFX3 game?

Going back on the source video (PinStratsDan was one of a few players that it happened to), it just wiped out the score before adding 10 million + 10,010 from the left inlane switch.

Hearing the audio cue on the playback, Bud goes “TEN----TEN” instead of “TEN—MILLION!” I don’t know if that’s a ROM issue; I tried replicating it on Pinball Arcade and it added 15 million every time. Since Zen works with powerups on a separate game mode, I’m not sure if their code is working directly with the Williams ROM or not. It is an official ROM, since I’m able to use flipper codes to initiate the credits sequence.

Some players had their scores up to 100m+, maybe 200 or even 300 million, with their scores reduced. There’s no other thing I can think of apart from Quick Jackpot that has bugged scoring. I tried replicating it on Pinball Arcade, but Bud’s callout works correctly and awards 15 million-ish instead of the 10 million cap.

I haven’t watched the video; what hole was the player on when he/she got the QJ? I can setup a similar situation on my game and see what happens.

Hole #11. Quick Jackpot caps at 10 million. Should be Hole 2 after the Hole in One Challenge.