Godzilla rules

Hi guys
I am writing a Godzilla rules sheet. Can someone help me with a few questions please?

If you ask the actual questions people will be able to answer them more easily :slight_smile:

Question 1: answered.


who am i? i live in London UK and am active on the UK forum, www.pinballinfo.com with the same name. i’m 47, have one 5-year-old son and one 8-year-old dog.

i’m a pinhead like you guys, have owned pins since 2009 and currently have 23 in my collection. i joined up on the advice of a guy i contacted via Pinball Owners association website, as i’m after a few details to complete a rulesheet i’m writing for Godzilla. he recommended i ask @twilight zone or @Honey Badger on here, as they are apparently both GZ owners who know their onions. here’s my questions - i had to fold my game up for a few weeks while i move house. i’d like to get the sheet finalised but cannot check a few points of detail just now - could anyone with a Godzilla at home please answer these questions for me by taking the glass off and prodding some switches?

1 jackpot scoring - can someone confirm the scoring for having one MB running (5M) and adding in a second (7M), third (8M?), fourth, fifth? what about starting two MBs together, is it 10M? and then adding in #3, #4, #5? starting three MBs, what’s a jackpot worth? and then when you add in a fourth? and a fifth? and what value jackpots starting four MBs together, is it 20M? adding in the 5th one, is it 24M? i know starting all five together is worth 25M, so all other values must be less.

2 mode stacking - Score Does Matter mode - is one or two more shots after GZ multiball qualified (and ball popping out of Zilla’s mouth)? do the ramp shots need to be consecutive with no other switch hits, or can you flail a bit so long as you beat the timer? can this mode be stacked with Mean Green Machine mode? and with all the multiballs? what about with Save New York? And Mean Green Machine mode - similar questions to above - it’s 2 more shots after qualifying Baby Zilla MB, right? other switch hits allowed? stackable with MBs, SDM, SNY?

3 After you successfully save New York, are the jackpots doubled across the board, and for the rest of the ball, or the rest of the game? - so 10M (one MB) all the way up to 50M (five MBs started together), SNY worth up to 450M (if 50M jackpots)? - and if you manage it again, does it redouble? man i love incremental scoring on a game.

4 extra balls and Specials - EB attained by reaching preset score (in settings), and by 5th left orbit shot. any more? what lights the Special?

thanks fellas, i hope to launch the rulesheet by the weekend if you can clear these above points up. i thought i knew the answers and would normally just take the glass off myself to check, but i can’t do that, and neither do i have the patience to wait two weeks. Dan

p.s. where is your forum based?

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I agree, Godzilla rules!

Per #3, jackpots are double for the remainder of the game and I have no idea if it doubles again, never saved NY more than twice on mine and have only done that once. Regarding the others, I have vague ideas of what happens points wise, but I’ll have to do some glass off testing for you to help further, just not before the weekend. So if you don’t get concrete answers by then, I’ll do my best to help sort out anything you need for your rulesheet.

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I wrote something already if you want to read up on it:


nice one, yes, i saw that and already gave a mention to ‘Adam from Pinball Revolution’ in my rules sheet :slight_smile:

Jay, yes please. i’d do exactly that if i had the game here, just finger-activate switches to recreate a situation, and watch the DMD for results. so thanks for very for the generous offer

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you probably think i was joking - but no, look:

AFAICT, jackpot scoring works like this on Godzilla:

  • Start 1 multiball, every jackpot is 5M
  • For every multiball that you add on, jackpot value grows by the number it is:
  • add 1st multiball, jackpot goes up by 1M
  • add 2nd multiball, jackpot goes up another 2M (3M total)
  • add 3rd multiball, jackpot goes up another 3M (6M = 11M total)
  • add 4th multiball, jackpot goes up another 4M (10M = 15M total)
  • For every multiball you start together, that bonus is doubled
  • start 2 MBs, get 5M + 2M
  • start 3 MBs, get 5M + 2M + 4M = 11M
  • start 4 MBs, get 5M + 2M + 4M + 6M = 17M
  • start 5 MBs, get 5M + 2M + 4M + 6M + 8M = 25M

And then combinations from there. Start 3MBs, then add 4 and 5? You’re shooting 11M + 3M + 4M = 18M jacks.

I believe Save New York is the highest jackpot value you had lit before starting.

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I’m 99% sure this is accurate.

Here is Keith Elwin’s tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDEujaDKlSk

thanks, i’d seen that but didn’t realise it was Keith Elwin, i probably should have by the account name. now i recognise the voice from his hilarious ‘Hank’s Tips’ series he did with his brother.

unfortunately it doesn’t answer any of my specific questions, and neither does the 16 minute video on youtube called ‘Godzilla pinball 1998. Rules’

thanks Keefer for those numbers above, all my helpers gonna get credits in the rulesheet.

thx Keefer, added!

You’re welcome, except what I wrote is not what you wrote. :wink:

no, it’s not is it. but that’s because i was confused. so are you saying that starting 2 together is 7M, and adding one more is +1 so 8M, and a fourth is +2 so 10M?

i really think i need someone to press some switches to confirm this. in the rules sheet it’s gonna have to be clear, possibly even presented as a table. are you Keefer as in Keith Johnson?

is this correct now?

This is what it is:


No, I don’t believe so, based on how I interpret Keefer’s post.

Your first line is correct, as well as the the “Start” values, and the first three columns.
But your “add a 4th” (total of 4 MB) values should always add only 3M more. It’s equivalent to what Keefer called “add 3rd” (3rd MB added, for total of 4 MB).
Similarly, your “add a 5th” (total of 5MB) values should always add only 4M more. It’s equivalent to what Keefer called “add 4th” (4th MB added, for total of 5MB).

Hope this helps.

Ooh, I can answer this one! Yes he is. If you click on his username, you can see his real name and profile, which a lot of people on this forum have filled out as well. There are a lot of notable pinball people on this forum, which is pretty cool. Welcome!


rulesheet completed: