Getaway: High Speed II - Pro Tips

Hey guys,

Farsight is now looking for some pro tips for Getaway.

Feel free to email me or post to this thread if you want to share any tips, as well as whether you want to be credited for those tips on the game or prefer to be anonymous.


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It’ll be interesting to see which ROM version TPA goes with.

Some pro tips:

  • If the ball save is on*, let the ball drain as much as possible to pick up free RPMs and gears.

  • When you lock a ball and get a new ball to launch in the shooter lane, you’ll generally get free RPMs if you launch the new ball quickly because RPMs will temporarily be lit on the inner loop.

  • When you get to video mode, advance to 5th gear before it starts for maximum value

  • After Super Charger mode ends (including when it happens via a ball drain and the subsequent bonus countdown), make sure you shift to advance the gear. It’s the only mode that doesn’t automatically move forward in that way.

*Pretty sure the only settings for the ball save are on or off, and there’s no way to adjust the timer regardless of the ROM.

When you’re in video mode, stick to just weaving between the left two lanes as necessary, as that’s the safest way to play it.

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Avoid shooting targets to light the Kickback. Instead, hope to earn it from Burn Rubber (it’s awarded a lot later in the game) or by starting Red Line Mania.

During Supercharger Mode, try and shoot the left ramp for million+, then pass the ball back to the right flipper by holding up the left flipper. If this isn’t possible, shoot the right orbit over and over; you can still score Freeways during this mode.

Supercharger mode:

Probably won’t apply to the TPA version, because there’ll be no actual danger in flailing away.

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Might be better to start redline mania before the regular multiball since I’m pretty sure you only get ball save for the first one you start. Better to have the ball save with the more valuable multiball.

Credit @jdelz

The easiest path to lighting locks via the stop lights is before your first red line MB.

Shooting either the left ramp or right hole spots one of the lights on the 3 stop lights to light the 3 locks.

You can get into a rhythm of shooting the right orbit, loop passing to the right flipper, shooting the left ramp, and than shooting the right orbit again. This way you are working toward both your red line and main MB.

Once you have all 3 locks lit, you can then start your redline, and play your regular MB after redline is done.

I know I’ve seen a bug in the display/software where you can move to a perfect spot on the right lane markers and not have to move the car at all. The other cars just pass right by. I still dodge cars on the left but, its a neat trick. Maybe its not possible in all ROM versions?

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If there are 2 balls locked, be careful with your “skill drains” off the launch. With an empty trough, it takes longer for the drain to register and you may see your ball end even though “Free Ride” was still flashing when you drained out.


Good advice, and would be pretty fantastic if it applied to TPA. :slight_smile:

On at least one of the machines I’ve played (not sure what ROM version), the single-ball supercharger awards (three or four shots to the supercharger) continue to increase without bound on the same ball, pretty sure I saw someone exploit this on a recent PapaTV broadcast - maybe Southern Fried.

It sounds like you’re talking about L-1 era ROMs which had a completely unfun supercharger rule. The one from L-2 onward caps at 10M (1M/1-2-3 hit), but the L-1 rule goes up to at least 51M for sure. The problem is that it’s that the rule works something like 2 ramps to light supercharger for 3M, 3 ramps to light for 5M, 4/7M… etc. It also holds for the whole game, not just a ball. But it is the boringest way to play possible (Kevin Martin and I had to tag-team to get to 51M). I mean it’s like 26 ramps to light for 51M, plus all the other ramp shots beforehand (about 375 total if you don’t want to do the math).

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TPA games are cool, but the ball trough simulations are so unrealistic

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You can play
supercharger mode during multiball! You know that after 3 jackpot/ superjackpot, multiball restart: You have to play multiball before you complete the 4th loop that starts the 4th gear: Play multiball and take jackpots : Before you complete the last jackpot that make a multiball restart, let the other ball drain, and take the last superjackpot at the very last Second: the game count the loop shot for jackpot as a shot qualified for the 4th gear so multiball restart combined with the 20 Second 5 milions shots of the supercharger mode…
sorry for my bad english😁

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