Getaway Help - Opto Issue

I added under cabinet lights from Mezel Mods. It had an adapter that went in J117 that lit the lights. They stopped working after about a week and so did the Opto for the supercharger ramps. I am wondering if it is a connected issue. I am not good with working through the manual to figure out if J117 drives the power to the Opto board. I disconnected the cabinet lights but Opto still not working.

Help please. (Hoping there is just a fuse blown with the load increase)


Page 3-14 of the manual shows the opto ramp switch board getting 12vdc from J116 pin 2 of the power driver board. You could ck for 12volts between J1-1(black) and J1-2(gray/yellow) on the opto ramp switch board.

More simply, check fuse F115, 3/4 amp slow blow, also see if LED1 on the far right of the power driver board is on indicating 12VDC for switches is on.