Games With Lock & Point Stealing

Ok that makes more sense heh

Thanks! I’m trying to think of other games like this but can’t come up with any right now

lock blocking: swep1


soft lock stealing: corvette
lock blocking: jackbot

and lock blocking on doctor who can be eliminated with software settings, don’t remember if this is possible on swep1 and/or jackbot.

added games with Progressive Jackpots

X-men somewhat.

Not 100% on some of these so haven’t added, maybe others can confirm.

Soft Lock Stealing
Heavy Metal

Loss of Ball not from Tilt or Drain
JP2 (during Escape Nublar if you run out of fuel/time)

Progressive Jackpot

Copied points
Surf n Safari (catch up?)

Loss of bonus units
AIQ (Gems?)

Wizard Mode is a completely separate 3 ball game
AcDc (Encore)
JP2 (Escape Nublar)

I have Stern Jurassic Park in there not the Wizard Mode is a completely separate 3 ball game part

Also it’s not JP2 the sega game

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In FunHouse, you advance the clock to 11:30 and then start locking balls. After locking 1 ball it’s 11:45 and after the second ball it’s midnight. In a single player game, your progress holds from ball to ball.

In a multiplayer game, a player starting multiball clears the lock and you need to re-lock balls (starting over at 11:30).

But there’s a setting where the game always goes back to 11:30 and requires the player to lock two balls and then make the Rudy shot to start multiball. I don’t recall if that’s automatically enabled for tournament settings, but you definitely want to turn that on to make locks/multiball a bit more fair.

Players still get a skill shot opportunity after locking each ball if the lock isn’t full. So if I get two locks and fail to start multiball, and another player clears the locks for their multiball, I’ll get two skill shot opportunities when I re-lock.

If the lock is already full from another player and I need to lock balls, each completed lock will feed a ball to the upper flipper instead of the plunger lane, losing an opportunity at a skill shot.


TWD - if set to competition install and you get bit during Horde, you do lose the ball.

Earthshaker. Space Station.

Thinking about locking a ball then draining on Mousin’ around. Opponent gets the feed directly from that lock after locking a ball on the other side. Could be used to a player’s advantage if one side’s lock plays inferior to the other’s.

For multiplayer games, I like the fairness of a locked ball’s kicking out on Hoops for 3-ball multiballs between balls after a player drains with one lock, but I hate the experience of losing that earned lock :confused:

And I can’t recall how Scorpion’s locks work. Perhaps with the same logic as Mousin’s?

@Butterflygirl24 phoebe can you help? A question was asked about scorpions locks. If you lock a ball and drain, does the game clear the lock, or does it stay for the next player?

You can’t steal locks. If Player 1 locks 1 ball then drains, the ball stays in that lock. Player 2 then has to lock the ball in the other lock. Then the ball kicks out of the lock that player 1 locked and player 2 has to lock it back there for multiball. A few other Williams games are the same, Cosmic Gunfight and Solar Fire.



If P2 starts multiball and drains with no balls locked, P1’s lock has been stolen.


Looks like soft lock stealing then since I would have to relook my balls after you cleared the locks. Thanks Phoebe!

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Forgot to add Jokerz, corrected. Phil, this is the thread I was talking about.

Stranger Things Premium/LE now has a lock stealing setting.

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real stealing or just hold or not hold (virtual) locks?
Locked Balls Kind Of Hold Across Players
lose chance of skill shots

Chuckwurt on pinside seemed to me to be saying that there was real lock-stealing, unless there was a misunderstanding between us.

Yes. Lock stealing from the swipe a ball feature. But it’s a non default setting.