Game with the longest bonus count down?

I know some older games have long bonus count downs when you hit max bonus. But does anyone know what the longest one is?

Simpsons Pinball Party when you drain with enough modes running

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Mid 70’s Ballys (Wizard, Flip Flop, etc) can be brutally long with max double bonus.

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Meteor when you get the 256x bonus bug. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Earthshaker comes pretty close with the same bug. :wink:

Lost World 5x max bonus


Sorcerer max bonus is pretty long.

Bally Beat The Clock should be nominated as well!

Game . . . Set . . .And . . . Match


Thats the first thing I thought of lol

Playboy with max/max. Ding-dingding-dingding…

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I no longer want to own this game. Haha.

Oh god that bell


I’m on #TeamBell, especially when I’m player four and everybody else walked away during my ball 3. They better know what I did.


Grand Lizard has a pretty great bonus meltdown on ball 3 with a big bonus with multipliers plus a bonus hold. Also Ali has a long one.

Stern WWE all maxed out is long.

Grand Champion…

BlackJack with 5x max bonus - even worse if you tilt it still goes through the whole of the countdown, you just don’t get the points and you’re stood there thinking what could have been.
Almost like DI telling you what you just tilted away - but taking so much longer.

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This is a lot slower than what I have seen with this game. I wonder if there is a ROM or settings thingy here.

Bally Star Trek! Not only is the bonus burndown slooooooow, but there’s also a shot that allows for a full collect without resetting it. So, max/max that thing, and you could be hearing that freakin’ burndown many times…