Game with longest worthwhile mode timeout?




Gozer. I haven’t timed it, but I’m pretty sure it lasts about an hour.


I generally don’t time out modes, so Congo’s Satellite Transfer seems to last forever. I finally realized that you can usurp it by starting the Amy mode through the rollovers up top. But I don’t think there is anything else meaningful you can do while you wait.


Modes… I was playing some older game recently where all the modes were sooooo long timed. And there were soooo many of them.

And none (well a couple at most) were of the finish’able type. Which made me realise how big a mistake this was. And how great modes are, which have a shallow objective and may be finished fast. Just that little thing that is stirring up the game experience and is wanting you to take unusual shots. And combos. Fast points, done, next.

More of those, please.

Road Show’s Atlanta. The mother of the one shot to complete modes.


I’ve waited out over 100 seconds of Quill’s Quest precisely because I wanted Immolation Initiative, and I didn’t want to lose X’s on almost all my shots at that point. Considering the ~4B I got on that, I’d say it was pretty damn worthwhile.


How about timing things out to start a mode. Freddy anyone :slight_smile:


Gladiators is ridiculous for this tactic.


Nothing makes me feel more like a scumbag than Freddy. Competitively, this game is acceptable… other than the sleep meter mechanic.

Winning Pinkemon feels like I lost all pinball karma for 2019.