Game with longest worthwhile mode timeout?

I finally made it into my 4th CIT in MET. When I started it, I wondered, should I be timing this out? I don’t know if it would have been worth it, but I played to earn my exit, lit it and proceeded to brick the shot until I drained.

5 minute timeout is something I don’t have patience for. I was wondering what the longest timeout people actually use is?

Gladiators. I time out that entire game pretty much.

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Game of Thrones: backhanding left orbits until you drain with balls remaining, your Martell add-a-ball used, and HOTK lit. Does that count?


If the right ramp is being flaky, Gozer in GB is usually 40 seconds of “pretending” to miss it. Usually draining with 1 second left so I have to do it all over again.

“Worthwhile” because Stay Puft is, well, Stay Puft.

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You’d be disappointed to learn that End of the Line isn’t lit until you go back through all the items again… :slight_smile:


Yeah, this was a brutal realization. I wasn’t mentally ready for another grind and failed. Made it the next time though!

Well if I knew that I probably could have made the shot :slight_smile:


Totally agree, I wasn’t ready either, but fortunately I was very close to another multiball and pushed through.

Then comes the second brutal realization :wink:

That it isn’t really the points scoring opportunity you’d hoped for?
I’m sure I’ve had under 5mil on eotl before.

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The next code update may change that, :smiley:

So, to answer the original question, is there a better time out than Search the Galaxy for the double artifact collect?

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Can you explain this one?

STTNG, mode Search the Galaxy has 2 different bugs. Normally you shoot alpha, beta, delta ramps for an artifact. If you shoot them in that order, it will light the neutral zone for the “gamma quadrant” for an extra artifact.

  • Bug #1 is that the gamma quadrant actually awards you 2 artifacts.
  • Bug #2 is that if you wait for the mode to time out with a ball on the right flipper, then as the mode is ending (start taking your shot at 0 seconds), the gamma quadrant is available during grace period for some reason. And, yes, it awards you 2 artifacts (and 50M IIRC).

This belongs in the arcane rules knowledge thread!


EMP Strike on Dialed In. 30 seconds long and doesn’t require any switches to keep the timer running. There’s no way I’m letting three balls drop straight down the middle of the playfield with that magnet running.

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How about timing out the ball save on Under Attack MB so you can drain back down to one ball and start scoring real points again? :joy:


Have you played one with standard/steep slope? I kinda feel like it would be worth the grind if you can actually trap up. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Heh yeah I normally play on a normal-slope machine where trapping is pretty feasible. Joking aside, in practice I rarely actually drain out of UAMB intentionally; it’s pretty easy to being in a mode or a lit SIM card which provide lucrative shots to pursue. Also, if I’m playing on an unfamiliar machine I’ll go for jackpots just because my shot-making confidence is not high enough to justify throwing away the safety of ‘free’ multiball points.

I do wish the magnet was a little less active during MB though, I’ve had too many double drains due to the magnet flinging a ball into the one I have trapped and triggering a sling frenzy. :sob:

I’m sure that would make Pat smile

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lol I just thought everyone knew by now