Game of Thrones Pinball Rulesheet


While I’m on this tangent… Targaryen has no house value that I’m aware of. You can only potentially collect them while playing as Grey Joy anyways. Always thought it would be cool if when you play as Grey Joy and finish Targaryen that it would be neat if it gave you an award as well. Like you get a standard PF multiplier for instance. So basically the min would be 2x. Would give you a reason to go for it before HOTK as the 150 million extra really isn’t all that great in the grand scheme of things and it’s so hard to complete.


Maybe if you are a TD and you use GOT in a multiplayer game situation, just layout how you’ll handle this when it comes up. Almost every TD I know, including myself, would just void your particular game and let you play by yourself after. But I can see the argument for a play-on. It’s TD discretion, so it is what it is. If you lay it out ahead of time, it should keep anyone from feeling cheated by the TD (while they still might feel cheated by the game). It would be fairer if the players knew how it would be handled should it arise, since it is a known issue. Hopefully a fix comes along.


IMO, you’ve answered your own question.


Star Wars Syndrome - Good theme, low accessibility. It’s hard to really break down the game into manageable learning chunks because you’re constantly swapping into something else.

“Cool, I beat Tyrell…Now what do I do?”


Whatever you want!! Choose your own adventure. Haha


And in that lies the problem.

There’s just so many options, choices, and little features that are important that gloss by most people.

You can end a game without really doing anything.

Looking at Deadpool, the accessibility level is much higher as it’s relatively easy to explain and dumps you into the action pretty readily.

Even TNG is explainable and it has enough depth; you can focus on certain elements of the game and be perfectly fine without having the full repertoire of options in mind.

I love GoT and will always love GoT, but sometimes we have to check ourselves to see what others may think when classifying a game in general.


That is what I don’t get. GOT dumps you into action immediately as well. From a novice it’s easy to understand as you already start with a house ready to play and getting MB is super easy to accomplish unless you are playing on a tournament set-up game. You can easily progress through the game as well but you also have the ability to dig deep and really explore the rules and your options.

In other words it’s easy for the novice to understand and play but deep enough for someone with knowledge of the rules to really blow things up.


Wouldn’t the simplest option to have been?

As soon as you realised you’d been locked in to Stark
Make the TD (or Player 1) aware.
Then add a player 3 and you play as that player.
TD (or a neutral) simply plunges all of player 2’s balls


Surely TD’s have as much leeway to make any judgement call they want, in any situation, if they don’t think the IFPAPA rules are the best fit for their tournament.
The important thing is that they are consistent across all players, for (at least) the duration of the tournament concerned, AND co-TD’s follow the same logic.

As an example, As I understand it - the general rule is extra balls are plunged if they are earned and haven’t been turned off? However in the Classics EPC this year, Pete Blakemore was the only person to earn an extra ball in the final on Prospector and was allowed to play it and went on and won the Tournament.

Obviously it’s simpler to use a predefined rule set, which everyone can access, but it still requires the TD to interpret the rules as they see fit. Not always easy, as can be seen from the vast number of threads relating to rulings on here.


Not for a 4-player game.
Too bad we weren’t playing 6M$M. :wink:

This was announced extensively at EPC re: playing EB prior and during the event. Nothing amisss here.


That’s why I quoted “in this instance” - it was a 2 player game if I understood it correctly :grinning:

The point about extra balls, wasn’t that it wasn’t communicated, it was that the TDs ‘strayed from the norm’ - as is their prerogative.


Beforehand when they are writing the rules for their tournament, sure, but are you suggesting that if a TD already has “IFPAPA rules apply” language in their description then make a different ruling based on reasons?

I don’t think so. PAPA has never done this far as I know, and this isn’t the case at Pinburgh either. IFPA may do this, I don’t know, I’ve never played in an IFPA sponsored event. Also - if you bring up the Harlem game in the Circuit finals from years ago, they had extra balls on for that and it became a clinic on why EBs get turned off. But since they were on - everyone played their EBs.


The below is from the IFPA site. If it’s not specifically called out ahead of time the game it to be played as is. So if an extra ball is earned and the players were not told in advance to plunge it away then the player should play the extra ball.

II. Machine Settings

  1. Software Settings

In general, the software settings of each machine will be adjusted to best accommodate tournament play. The following settings will be employed on any machine that supports them:

Tournament Mode
Free Play
3 Balls
Extra Balls disabled
Buy-In or Continues disabled
Game Restart disabled
2 Tilt Warnings (may be 0 on older machines)
Flipper AutoLaunch disabled
Timed AutoLaunch disabled
Standard Factory Settings for Ball Savers, Difficulty, Timers, etc
Specific Difficulty Settings as determined by tournament officials
Automatic Reflexing Features disabled
Replays disabled (no score or Extra Ball awarded)

Please note that older machines may have different settings, such as allowable extra balls, five-ball play, or a Tilt penalty of “entire game” rather than “current ball”. Players will play the game “as is”. For example, if a machine is set for five-ball play, groups may not end the game after three balls. Electromechanical machines will generally be set for five-ball play, but if they are set for three, they will be played as three. While efforts have been made to eliminate extra balls from machines, any extra balls earned should be played unless otherwise noted on the machine. If a machine is awarding extra balls, please bring this to the attention of tournament coordinators, who may need to address a problem with the machine between rounds.