Game of Thrones Casual Mode rules?


Does anyone have experience playing this mode? Specifically how are houses qualified and in what order are all the houses…?



@pinwizj did that last year i think?


In casual mode, you automatically start the game as House Stark, with Stark completed and Greyjoy lit. You light houses in the same way as normal, with 3 shots/completions of a shot. You are unable to Pass in “Choose your Battle”, you must start a mode if you have one available. Not sure if there are any other differences!

I remember the “deep cuts” thread mentioning that if you induce a tilt, you can pass on the battle (without unlighting the center ramp)… I wonder if this works in casual mode as well. edit: I guess it wouldn’t if you only had 1 house qualified, because Casual Mode will totally skip the menu and auto-start the mode if there is only one available.


Interesting, are you able to start 2 houses at the same time? Also if you beat a house, are you awarded the houses attribute (add a ball…)?


You can start two houses at the same time–if you have 2 or more houses qualified, it takes you to the Choose Your Battle menu, it’s just missing the Pass option. You don’t gain the other houses’ attributes on completion, so no add-a-ball. The game acts as if you had chosen House Stark as your starting house.


You also start with a sword lit, unlike advanced mode


That’s because you’re spotted one mode completion.

Also on advanced mode, if you pick Greyjoy as your house, you’ll get a sword right away as Greyjoy house is spotted for you as well.

Which is another reason to pick Greyjoy in comp. you immediately advance to the next multiplier level.


It’s still worth trying for the sake of curiosity! Now I just have to find time to visit a GoT…