Game list for Nationals/Women's/Pin-Masters

Subject to change, and subject to this list being completely wrong, but as someone that is playing and organizing the event my philosophy is that anything I know as the TD is an unfair advantage to me as a player, so I share what I got when I get it.

Here’s a list from Tim Arnold on the games they are “prepping” for our use:

World Tour
Evel Knievel
KISS (Bally)
Royal Flush Deluxe
Twilight Zone
Star Wars Trilogy
Batman Dark Night
Game of Thrones
NBA Fastbreak

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Trivia cheat sheets allowed? :slight_smile:

Only if you’re Neil Shatz :wink:

Anyone heard of “World Tour”? Tim just had it listed in the 60’s group. I couldn’t find any info on Pinside/IPDB on it.

I was assuming it was the Alvin G. one, but obviously not if it’s really in the 60s.

World Fair, maybe?

Could be this one, have to see if its on the PHOF owned list. (Grand Tour / 1964)

Are you actually getting space for that many games? No invisible “birthday party” scheduled for this year?

We definitely won’t be using all of them. The plan is to pick the best 12 for Nationals/Womens, and then keep the best 9 performing games of the day for Pin-Masters over the weekend.

I’ve heard NO BIRTHDAY PARTY scheduled (although with Tim you never actually know). We should have space all the way down to that popcorn machine/pop machine area against that same wall.

I hope you’re asking because you are coming and bringing your streaming equipment?? :smiley:


That’s an interesting choice I look forward to seeing if you guys actually use it. Not going to hold my breath on that one, though.

First time streaming this game, ever? Look forward to all the swearing about the FORCE jackpots. Not that I expect anyone to get it, but it does at least have a very unique final mode.


If not… look for the blinking red led to indicate when the camera is recording :wink:

I gotta think my odds are at least 50/50 on that!

LOL! (10 characters)

I’m good for Thursday but the full weekend is still under negotiation.

Need a bigger car too, couldn’t fit all the equipment in my tiny Fit after INDISC :laughing:

You have my blessing to purchase this for the trip:

I’ll pay you back :slightly_smiling:

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Jack Nicklaus’ Garage Band Goes On A World Tour


So you don’t want me to make it to Vegas? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rubber feet this year too?

Ooooooh, good reminder :slightly_smiling:

Where’s the best place for me to pick up 48 of those?
$5.95 per set of 4
minus 25% for that quantity

Shipping might be a bit pricey, though.

I actually have to ship out all the trophies anyway, so this will work.

Thanks Steve!

Can we only use Joe’s products in Pittsburgh?