Game "Cheat Sheets" Websites?

Other than PinTips.Net, are there any other short form, Cliff Notes style tutorial websites out there? is good for more depth, but I was just wondering if there were any other sites you find helpful. And thanks to everyone who maintains or adds content to either of them! I added a couple bits to Pin Tips myself.

I vaguely remember seeing a collection of three sentence summaries of game rules somehwere on the internet, which at the time I thought will be something I’d be using all the time, but for the life of my I’ve never found it again.

Pinpals are a cool visual quick information view (but require a donation, or sub)

Pinball Arcade has tutorials on machines if you had them before they lost their licenses.


Have you seen the free app, Pinball Coach? I’ve added rules, many tips, and many short tutorial videos to make it a good quick-ref guide…and continue to add more games and tips…hope you find it helpful

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