FSPA Software help needed ASAP

I’m hoping someone can help me ASAP. My first night of this seasons league starts in 15 minutes. We use the FSPA software on PAPAs website. We have 33 players and no way to add more groups. The software appears to be capped at 8 groups of 4 players.

Help! :disappointed_relieved:

Edit Season > Grouping Schemes > Max 3 (or 4) Player Groups (XX Groups) … in your case, sounds like 9 groups would be a minimum, though you can go higher if your location has enough machines to accommodate everyone. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or problems with this.

Just FYI: note the “Support” block on the bottom of the manager menu:

Questions? Problems? Just wanna say hi? Contact us at help@league.papa.org!

Those inquiries get specially flagged on my phone… I may or may not be able to respond instantly, but it’ll almost certainly get faster response (from me, anyway) than general posts here (or Pinside, etc).


Thank you so much Joe!! I know you’re here sometimes so I was hoping I would catch you.

I’ll use the email feature in the future.

Feel free to do both if you like, as there are lots of people here who use the League Manager system and might be able to help… just saying that the email version works like a pager. :slight_smile:


Hoping I can put up a picture of what you’re supporting by helping us.


That’s awesome, Nathan! I remember when y’all were just getting started and had a million questions. :smiley: Congrats on building a thriving league scene!

I seem to remember someone posting a tournament director specific Discord channel. I’ve never used it myself but apparently it has a very fast response rate. Might be useful for emergency situations like this in the future. Glad everything worked out well for you.

Thanks Joe! I think we had 12 people and 3 machines that first season. We hit the 35 person mark and 8 machines this season. :grinning:

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