FSPA Scoring Software Question

I sent an email last week to the help@league.papa.org, but with the changes at PAPA, I’m not sure if it’s monitored or not so I thought I’d post here for some help.

I was contacted by a group of people that wanted to start a league in my area. After a few meetings, they decided that since they didn’t yet know the difference between a ball save and an extra ball, it might be best to join ours for a season.

We are mid season, but I’m not about to turn away new players so we decided creating a league within a league would be the best way to not cause disruption. They will be playing on the same day / time / machines as the current league but would be scored and grouped differently.

What’s the best way to handle a second league? Is it just a matter of creating a new league and then bouncing back and forth between score entry sheets? I haven’t done anything yet, because I didn’t want to screw something up that can’t be deleted.

Is there a way to utilize one login and have both scoring sheets up on the laptop at the same time? We put the scoring software up on a projection screen during leagues so people can see things easily.

Has anyone done a league in a league with the FSPA software before?

Heya, I’m still here, League Manager is still here… I was just on travel for the weekend. :smiley:

The short answer is: yes, just create a new League with the “Create New League” link in the Manager interface. Each League within an “association” (web site) is mostly independent – different seasons, different standings, can even use different league rules. You can also grant league admin privileges to individuals on a per-league basis. The Player list is shared between all leagues in an association (since people often bounce between different leagues in a local area, or even play several of them simultaneously) but each player’s standings are maintained separately per-league.

I’ll follow up with more info in response to the email you sent a couple days ago. Sorry for the delay.


Thanks so much for the post and the follow-up Joe. The additional user appears to be the part that will make my life easier.

Depending on the number of new people, we’ll be exploring the possibility of running 1 league that spans two locations next season. So some of the players play at location 1 and others at location 2. It would be the same night at the same time so everyone would have a change of scenery every couple of weeks.

I’m assuming that two people can’t edit the sheet at the same time? With one league and two locations, we would need to enter scoring on the same sheets. I guess we could have someone take a picture of the score sheets and then send them to the other locations.

Just thinking ahead while I have you here. :slight_smile:

It’s true that multiple users can’t edit the same league’s scoresheet at the same time, but the system gives a warning and blocks you if you try that, so it’s not hard to make that work the way you describe… as long as no user gets greedy or forgetful and leaves the scoresheet open for an extended time. :slight_smile: