Frenzy league.

I’m a little hazy on how leagues/series work, but, if we had a three/four week flipper frenzy league (Pinball! Pinball! Pinball!) how would that work?

In Portland we were lamenting how we don’t play in some of the locations that, traditionally, we used to hold tournaments because they don’t have enough games for the turnout we now have.

In particular what would count for half the games played for a frenzy league over multiple weeks? And probably a lot of things I haven’t considered with running the frenzy format as a league.

This isn’t really a wppr maximizing scheme. We’re thinking of even doing it as a midnight madness league with low turnout at small bars, just wondering how this would work.

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As I understand it:

If you are running it as a league, i.e. each night of frenzy produces a rank of players and these are allocated points which go to their total for the league season.
For a player to be ranked, and thus awarded points, on the night - they must play at least half of the number of average games played per person. Unless they actually leave midway through the night they’re going to achieve this without fail.

For the calculation of final submission to be valid, the player must have attended half of the qualifying league sessions. i.e if there are 4 league sessions, a player must have played in at least 2 sessions to be entered for submission. (If there are 5 sessions, but only your best 4 results count - again they would have had to have played in 2 sessions).

Normally after a league season there are head to head finals to qualify for WPPR submission, I’m not sure this would be needed due to the head to head used in each individual session.