Free play area of Replay FX 2016

Won’t be doing Pinburgh and bringing the family to Replay this year. Curious about the free play area and how many games are available (typically) say…Saturday morning. I would imagine more open as the day goes but just curious.

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Saturday morning there will be about 500 machines available. Thursday and Friday maybe 100? (assuming you’re talking about ONLY pinball machines)

Thursday and Friday will be around 200-250 pins.

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That’s a ton of machines :slight_smile: I guess when it’s that many games, it’s difficult to distinguish a hundred here and a hundred there.

Adam, if you go you will not be bored in the slightest!

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Last year, they opened up all but about 30 of the Pinburgh machines to be played by anyone at around 10pm on Friday night (after Pinburgh rounds had ended). It’s more pins than you could possibly play in 2 days.

More pins than you can possibly play…CHALLENGE accepted :wink:


I played ~285 of them last year. And I had a two-day head start :slight_smile:

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@agodfrey Maybe there will be another room of Secret and Obsessed With pins somewhere too.

I finally bought my flight to Pittsburgh yesterday, but no return ticket yet. Maybe I’ll just stay forever.

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You can always start four-player games, play one ball, and walk off! That way you’d be sure to hit every game.


Your Friendly ReplayFX Troll

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So that’s why they do that…wow…makes so much sense now!!! I’ll be the 'four ball phantom ’ !

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Don’t forget about the 250 video games that will be available to play.

Also, there will be a yet to be determined amount of “crowd sourced” pins that will be available.

Great point. Is there a discount for those who bring a game?

Will we see a area of replay where the machines video and pinball that need credit to play be in the same area to help with putting more credit in them to play. It was sporadic with all the machines mixed in together to know which ones might need credit to play. If all the ones that need credit are in same area of convention center it will make it easier to handle and more play .

We’ve been working on multiple solutions, including the one you mention, and believe this issue has been fixed.