Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street Tournament Worthiness?

I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on this game being okay for use in a tournament. I have almost no history on it and just want to know some opinions before we give it the okay. I know some Gottlieb/Premier games have weird random stuff. Thanks in advance!

From PAPA: “If the interlock switch on the coin door is not disabled, opening this era of Gottlieb games to retrieve a stuck ball will cause them to reset.”

Probably not what you were looking for, but still good to know.

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First Pinburgh Elwin, Zach and myself I believe were all in the same group on Freddy.

Called MHS over to free a stuck ball. He opened the coin door, and POOF game reset.

The look on Mark’s face was priceless :smiley:


I’ve played it at Pinburgh a few times. I remember being some wonky thing with the skill shot shutting off if the next player doesn’t plunge after 10 seconds or so. Some skill shots offer multiball so it’s a big deal.

Would it still do this if we switched to using it as only 1 player? Wondering if it only does it in a multi player game. Although if your experience is at pinburgh, then you may not know either. Thanks for the info though. I appreciate it.

“worthiness” – Is Freddy really worthy to be played, period?


We used to play Freddy in league with no major issues. But once most players got a taste of the gameplay it rarely got called anymore.

So what’s the basic strategy for Freddy? Skillshot to MB?

This is correct. If you don’t plunge a skill shot within a (fairly short) amount of time the boiler room just stays closed so you can’t get the free plunge for a nightmare.

Frankenstein is the other game I can think of with this issue, where the plunge award goes 5 10 15 20 million immediately, then flails around randomly. You had to be ready to go on that game!

It’s fine. It’s not great. If you have other good options, use them instead of Freddy.

So tilt the crap out of it at the end of your ball :wink:


Same with TAF if you have no bonus to get that Greed letter.