Found a TWD Prem/LE bug maybe

Had what I thought was a grace period save with a bomb in Horde. Walker ended horde and I used a bomb immediately and this happened.

Not too familiar with that exact situation because I have a pro, but is it related to this feature adjustment?

The problem is that it that I used that Bomb, got the add a ball animation, got the add a ball, got the ball save light, but the flippers died. I have the game set to end ball if you drain out of Horde, so it’s Strange that it also didn’t end the ball.

I think the setting is “end your ball if you TIME OUT” not end your ball if you drain. It seems that the horde timed out, ended your ball, but the grace period for scoring points was still active even though it had already decided your ball was over


Not even a lit ballsaver can save you once you’re Bit…

Hmm, Seems strange that it would add a ball after it decided I was done

Yeah I think it’s the same type of bug as Iron Maiden soul shards not counting for Aces High and Rhyme super jackpots during grace period

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That’s a bug, fixed now, it can happen in the PRO as well (or the Premium/LE without using the bomb) if you make the shot to kill the last walker to advance the level during the grace period.
Thanks for letting me know, if I know about it, I can fix it :slight_smile:

  • Lyman

Awesome! Thanks Lyman.

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Lyman Saves!