Florida Pinball?

I’m travelling to Gainesville for a work conference next week. Anyone know where I can play while in town?

Try posting here:


That is for Florida collectors. I am the opposite end of the state, so I don’t have any info up north.

Good luck.

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Thanks! We ended up finding a really nice place that had just opened. It was near Florida State University it had a small neon sign that said, “Game Room.” It is owned by the same people who own “The Top”- which is a restaurant/bar around the corner. We were able to buy drinks there and bring in food from their sister location. But most importantly, they had a Fun House, A World Cup Soccer, and a Simpsons Pinball Party when we got there and had added a Medieval Madness and an Addams Family the following day. The staff was really friendly and the games were in excellent condition.