Flip Frenzy and early exits

I ran my first flip frenzy on Matchplay last night. It went pretty smooth, except for the timer.
I made certain before I began the tournament that it was set to run for 1.5 hours. I began the tournament and after maybe 20 minutes or so, I noticed that the timer was paused. Possibly someone clicked that by mistake? Anyway, I resumed the timer only to see it counting down from about 25 minutes. It should have been counting down from about 65-70 minutes. No idea what happened. We solved the issue simply by pausing the timer again and running a timer on my phone for the correct time. Anyone had a problem like that on a Flip Frenzy?

One other small thing puzzled me. With 17 players and the queue set for 20%, it put 5 players in the queue. That is 29.4%. I fixed this by assigning 2 more players to an open game, thereby shrinking the cue to 3 players. I assumed that 20% of 17 players would put 4 players in the cue?

You need an even number of players who aren’t in the queue.


I have never noticed a timer issue, but have added a group manually on occasion to get things rolling a little better for my turnout.

what is a “round” in a flip frenzy?

Each time you name is called for a match.